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Friday, July 14, 2017

Right Hand

Last month my MAC Book suddenly won't turn on. I was soo sad because all my datas and photos are in there :(

Actually I have iMac at home but I can't access all my data and it makes me numb to write anything lol.

3 weeks ago I dyed my hair at Hair Lounge Ryoji Sakate in Senopati, Jakarta. My hair stylist Takashi always give the best result for my hair. 😍

I ask for a Beige Ash with Violet tint on the bottom, he said it's not ombre but more like a highlight (?) I just love the result!

Moreoever, the color is super long lasting! Especially the Violet, I heard they use Shiseido and Milbon for the Hair Dye. Milbon is like no. 1 Brand for Hair product in Japan.

Honestly when you invest your self with good Hair Salon, you won't feel disappointed with the result. Especially with Japanese Hair Stylist. 😉

Anyway I think I need to bring my Mac Book to a service centre, I hope they can rescue all my data 😭. I don't know what happened but it won't turn on when I press the power button.

Weirdly the battery socket is still working, I wonder if only the power button isn't functioning? Hmm.. I hope it's not the Motherboard or else I need to get new Macbook 😭 (sigh to my wallet)

I just need to find the perfect day because I have many appointments this month 🤤, and my boyfriend is around for 2 months so I want to spend my time with him as much as possible before he's back to UK.

Btw recently I just back from my trip to Japan, it was fun ofc haha I probably will blog about it when I'm free.

I finally visited Universal Japan  !! Too bad I was only given 2 hours to explore, totally not feel satisfied! Next time, I'll be here again for all day haha.

I try to write this post with my phone, I wonder if it's okay? I'm afraid the layout will be messy if I read it on PC but oh well I want to write something, haha.

Tomorrow I have an event to attend, it's a Grand Opening of a Beauty clinic 'Beauty+' located in Pik, Jakarta Utara. This event is open for public so if you're interested in Beauty, Filler, Slimming and Whitening you may want to attend.

You can get a Special voucher if you mention my name 'Cominica' when you register your attendance at the event. And I heard they give away some Goody Bag as well.

Beauty+ Clinic
Ruko Elang Laut Boulevard
Blok M I No.30
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

See you around! :)

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