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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Lady in Me

As women, surely, sometimes we want to appear more elegant, feminine and polite. Especially if there is an important meeting with the client or meet prospective in-laws (lol). I really love white shirt, I think white shirt is a basic item that must be owned by everyone.

A white shirt could look elegant or casual depends on the style and how we mix & match the shirt with other fashion item. I, my self have some pieces of white shirt my self with different models.

This time I wear my White Shirt with my Pastel Blue knee length Skater skirt. Not to mention also a small leather brown belt as a cute statement. If you have a thin scarf you can try tying it around the collar of the shirt for more chic look.

top / the executive
skirt / honeys (c.o.l.z.a)
bag / wego
watch / danielwellington

For the shoes I like wearing laced Wedges from Olive des Olive for the simple Lady look. I bought my bag at Wego, Harajuku. There's a lovely red heart shaped on the bag which I find really unique, this to add different playful vibes to the look. 

I bought the Shirt from The Executive, I like the light fabric and the size is fit to my body. And the knee length Pastel Blue skirt is from Honeys, a Japanese brand. I love knee length skirt because it makes me look more like a lady haha.

I think this look is really simple and effortless. You also can wear this look to the office if you wanna try to look more feminine sometimes. It's classic and chic!

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