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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Unexpected

I never even expected this coming. I had a plan for my self but it seems God has his own plan for me. When I find my self falling head over heels for something I never knew I'm needed, it's uncomfortable. I try to run from it but his love touch my soul already I couldn't help it.

When someone asked me how did I fall, I don't know. It just happened suddenly and unexpectedly. :)

He has a quality of a man that I never could explain deliberately. We connected instantly and found many similarities, I guess we were smitten by something we can't explain. We always have a deep conversation from the beginning and we see the world in the same way. I think we have the same wavelength. 

I think if I ought to describe my relationship with him is something more intense and spiritual. We complement each other by heart, mind and soul. We have many similarities but of course not alike, we need to learn to understand each other and embrace those differences.

I need balance in my life :)

You who comes into my life by surprise; changes my life. For me Love is not about romance but more deep and enigmatic than that. And I'm glad we have similar visions and hopefully could support each other.

Btw, I dyed my hair once again with Red Wine color few days ago, this time I only dyed the end of my hair for a gradation ombre look. I love the color and want to keep it simple for now. Step by step details about the Brand of the Hair Color will be posted later on my INSTAGRAM. :)

choker / romantic standard
one piece / semir
bag / hk
shoes / uk

There was a reason why I wear black sometimes, mainly because my mood. I guess sometimes I express my self through writing, drawing, make up and my outfit. I mostly wear Pastel all the time and it's my comfort color. 

"Pastels evoke openness and relaxation. Pastels are considered relieving and soothing and are even sometimes equated with sanity."

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