Friday, April 21, 2017

The Deal

Lately my Facebook timeline is full of status about Jakarta's Governor election, the issue is quite huge because Jakarta is the capital city of my beloved country Indonesia. Many of my friends voiced their feeling about the quick result, their disappointment..

Most people only wish for a better Jakarta, as for me, whoever wins I hope they can bring Jakarta to the next level. And I hope the social condition in Jakarta is secure and safe for all citizens.

I'd like to stimulate my brain with Politics, it's interesting to know and witness how they 'play' their own role. I don't want to talk much about this because this is a sensitive topic to some people so I'll just keep my mouth closed. lol

top | zara
skirt | comicou
shoes | lizlisa
bag | tokyo chip lover

this photo was taken when I dropped by to visit Laneige event in Kota Kasablanka

Lately, I'm heading back to the gym after a long hiatus, I feel sorry for neglecting my health and body for a long long time. It's not easy to motivate my self to go to the Gym after a long long break, especially If you only got little times after work. 

Before I go back to Gym, I do some workouts at home to keep my self good and healthy. But the atmosphere is different if you do your workouts at home or at a Gym, haha. As for me, I feel more motivated at Gym. 

Now, I come back at home around 7-8 pm, quite late I know. I go straight to the Gym after work to do some exercises or cardio, sometimes I join classes. The best thing to do after workout (for me) is to meditate for few minutes in Sauna or Steam room, after that put some scrubs in the shower room! Yummy!

My main focus isn't to lose weight but to reduce visceral fat and tone my body for Summer! I'm so concern of my health, I want to be stronger. Well I don't mind if I could shed some pounds as well. 

I'm not sure if I could go to the beach or an island next month because I spent too much money for shopping this month. So I got no more budget for a short trip. Lame me. :<

Do you go to the Gym regularly? I really want to join Muay Thai class or Boxing class, it looks fun. Yoga and Pilates class available in my Gym but I never tried them because I always miss the class.. The schedule isn't friendly for me, lol.

I'm excited to see the result of my hard work in 3 months. The most difficult part to tone from my body is my thigh..  It might be my genetics—I think I probably born with more fat cells and fewer muscle cell, haha. But I won't give up easily! Let's see what I can do in 3 months, toned thighs here I come!

I'm not going to stop visiting the Gym after 3 months but I need to set goal and I think 3 months is fair enough. I think everyone has their own goals for their health and wellness, and those goals vary from person to person. As long as it is a positive thing to do, go for it! :)

Btw, Happy Kartini Days!

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margylove said...

waiii.. ganbarimasuuu dear
hopefuly you can get what you expected!

Muay thai also quite hype in here surabaya too ❤
Never tried one, just started to workout a little by walking and add a little slow running on weekly excercise.Hopefuly I can lose some weight, beside I'm quite overweight now ��

we need to concern about our health too by lifestyle. So, ganbarimasu ��

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