Monday, March 28, 2016

How to use Toshiba BBT

Hello ladies, I got some questions about the App and how you can use it with the Thermometer. So, in this post I embed a short video from my instagram, I hope with this video you can figure it out a little bit about the app and thermometer. It is actually super simple if you've bought the Thermometer because there's a guide inside the App.

So before you bought the thermometer it's better if the App is installed in your phone first. The app is absolutely free, so try to download it first okayyy ;)

Kindly check the short video above and I'll explain a little bit more about the process:

1. Download the App on GooglePlay/AppStore, search for "toshiba bbt".

2. Open the App, if you've bought your Bbt Thermometer, go to Setting and click Register New Device. All you need to do next is just follow the guide there.

3. After that you can start measuring your temperature in the next morning because (just like what I've written on my previous posts about Toshiba) you have to measure your temperature EVERY MORNING after you just wake up. That's the most accurate! And don't forget to open your App to record your temperature.

4. When measuring your temperature, wait until there's 'beep beep' sound and after that click on Record Temperature to save it. And the recording process is done!

Don't forget to measure your temperature every morning and if you can't, don't skip it. Especially if you want to use this temperature specifically for having baby, you must not forget. So after one month you can check your body condition and plan when you can do off spring with your partner.

If you open the App there're Weight List and Menstrual List, you can input the information manually so after one month you can check and compare them in Weight Chart and BBT Chart. These informations are very useful for women. Make sure to read all my previous post about Toshiba and you'll realize how useful this tool for you.

I want to give this thermometer to my family members so they can start to take care of their own body soon. This tool is like an online doctor, you can check your own body and decide what to do with it. Plan wisely ladies!!~

If you interested in purchase this tool, kindly visit this link. See ya!

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