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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer

Hey Ladiess, do you still remember my post about Digital Clinical Thermometer from Toshiba? Today I'm going share about it again because it's really important. 

As a woman we must take care of our health and of course our Fertility. Fertility is really important for us women because it will affect the pregnancy. If our fertility is low it's a little bit difficult to have a baby. Right? >_<

I think it's very important for us women to maintain our health early and also pay attention to the fertility of our bodies. I super concern about that! D:

Toshiba as one leading innovation in Japan has launched a useful tool for a woman, it is Digital Clinical Thermometer. Even though there's still some girls think that it's not important to have it. This Thermometer is really help me with my diet back then. I also love checking my body condition with the BBT Apps. Just to make sure I'm in a good condition.

Digital Clinical Thermometer from Toshiba can measure our Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and keep the data in it. With the data we get from our BBT, we can track our body condition and fertility. To read my review about this Thermometer please read my post here. :D

I always try to measure my body temperature everyday, it's so easy to use even when I'm working. :)

Here's a little bit comparison of Toshiba Digital BBT Thermometer with other Regular Thermometer in the market.

Toshiba Digital BBT Thermometer
1. Digital display and it's easier to read at a glance.
2. Product Lifespan is longer, can use for a long time.
3. The temperature measured is automatically saved.
4. Can transfer the data to Smartphone so we can check our ovulation date, skin moisture and body condition.
5. More expensive than regular thermometer.
6. Has many useful functions.
7. Made in Japan

Other Regular Thermometer
1. Need to read the scale by ourselves and a bit difficult to read.
2. Product is fragile.
3. There's no save function.
4. Cheaper.
5. The function is only to measure our temperature and no more.

Based on the short comparison above, we can expect that the BBT Thermometer from Toshiba is more useful than other thermometer in the market. It can measure our body temperature and also save the data to our smartphone, this data is very useful for us women!

We can compare our body condition every month and check our metabolism (good for Diet), skin moisture (good if you want to try new skin care) and more important is to check our ovulation data (to have a Baby), and I'm sure there's more information you can get with the BBT AppsS

For purchase and information kindly visit this link. ;D

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