Thursday, April 30, 2015

Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer

Hello Ladies!! Have you ever heard about Toshiba Digital Clinical Thermometer? At first when I received this product from Matome Indonesia, I thought this is just an usual digital thermometer. But after did some research about this product, it's more than that. This product surprisingly has so many usage and can help me to manage my lifestyle. Keep reading because this is important for us, women. :)

In the old days, women's beauty care has been based on advice from a Dermatologist. And for a busy people like me, I don't have a time to visit a Dermatologist everyday or every month! Beside that the information I got from a Dermatologist usually ended in buying and trying out some products which usually isn't suit my skin.

Not only skin, I don't do a regular check up at the hospital. It takes a while with the hospital procedures and I can't stand it lol. When sick, I don't go to doctor. Usually, I only take herbal medicine to make me feel better. But that's not recommended because I don't know what's happen inside my body.

But with this thermometer, it is different because I can keep an eye of my health and beauty based on my temperature and it's so personal because the statistic result is from our own data that we record everyday! 

the package box

I love the White and Sleek design, it looks clean and the round shape is cute.

 It comes with a case so we can bring it everywhere, safely.

This Digital Clinical Thermometer is a thermometer to measure women's Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and provides women with real information to enhance health and wellbeing. By measuring my basal body temperature with this Thermometer, I can send the data directly to the app in my phone, the App is offering useful information about beauty care.  (You can download the App at GooglePlay, keyword 'bbt toshiba')

By measure our temperatures, we can reflect ours metabolic energy state. This tool provides a BBT Chart which we can keep an eye of whether we are moving toward or away from a healthy metabolic state

I read that this product is good for women who want to check their ovulation date to avoid pregnancy or if they want pregnancy. Because if we know our BBT Chart, it's easier to predict it.

an example of BBT Chart and the condition of our body & skin
Based on the BBT Chart, I can manage my Diet schedule and skin care routine. I also can check my Fertility, Health, Skin and Metabolism too. Isn't it so useful?? XD

I'm really concern about my hormonal balance because it's so important for my skin quality. I still remember my Adult Acne experience and it was like a nightmare for me. T__T

Sometimes if I didn't keep an eye of my food intake, sleep pattern and menstrual cycle, my skin will break out and become so rough.. That's why when I heard about this Thermometer from Matome ID, I wanna have it!

To use the Thermometer and App is easy.
1. Press The button at least one second (there'll be a BEEP sound) and wait until "Lo" is displayed.
2. Place the Measurement Area (the silver area) on the Right/Left side of the base of the tongue.
3. Wait until Bi Bi Bi sound appear then take it out and check the Temperature.


4. Send the body temperature data to our smartphone and the App will record our BBT data.

I try to record my BBT data regularly to see how my body works. These few days I sleep once in 2 days and only for 4 hours. I also don't know why but I always have sleep disorders. My Body Temperature is lower than normal.. Normal human temperatur is 37'C and I barely reach that lol.

I realize If I know my bbt chart like this, I can take care of my health better. Below is my chart so far, as you can see my BBT chart is unstable.. I read that this probably an adrenal fatigue or a lead to hypothyroidsm wtf?


Based on my chart, I also know that I have a low metabolism this is the reason why I have sleep disorders, fatigue, joint pains, menstrual disorders, low blood sugar, headaches, brittle hair, etc.

I'll keep recording my temperature for a month and see the chart, if the chart continues to be unstable like this I must visit a doctor and check my blood.

I'm so happy with the concept of this digital clinical thermometer, it gives original and personalized informations like hints about my current body condition. With this App I can detect any disorder first and plan on how to fix it. I'm so thankful for it!

All I need to do is wake up every morning and put the thermometer inside my mouth for about 40 seconds and record it to my phone. Then scale my weight and input the data in the App. And I'll try to record my menstrual cycle too, lol I never do that so I think I must get used to it. For the sake of Healthy Life and better Skin! XD

What I love about this product is I can notice if there's something wrong inside my body. And yes I am. There's something wrong but it still on the early stage of my chart so I'll see in a month! I hope everything is okay. :)

Beside that with the chart I can notice something with my skin too, if your body have excess heat, this can leads to Acne. With this tool I can take care of my health as well as my skin, good body condition results in good skin and beautiful youthful look. And I always think that beauty starts from the inside and will gradually improves outward appearance. 

If you have the same thought like me, you'll love this Thermometer and the App. I want to say thank you to Matome Indonesia for bringing this product to me!

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Everyone can join this Giveaway to get this Thermometer, you can give this to your friend, lover or even your beloved Mom! Show them you care about their health. I think every woman needs this and will love this Thermometer after they try it. See you~~! :D :D


Cominica said...

Oh verygreat product, thanks for your review~

Anonymous said...

Useful tools :3

Jcliani said...

Oh i really want it. I don't know it has so much purpose not for inside but outside too

Cominica said...

Sounds like a really promising product, though I doubt I would be able to get it where I live... :/

Cominica said...

Body's temperature application *.* (y)
Perfect for sleep disorders, fatigue, and menstrual disorders >_<

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