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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Adult Acne

Acne is a skin problem that is very disturbing for almost everyone, men and women. Sometimes acne can cause a person to become stressed and lack of confidence, some are even mocked. Well, actually what causes acne?

Sorry this post has some disturbing pictures, lol but please continue~ (I actually brace myself to make this post lol XD)

The cause of acne can be vary, but mainly is because the pores are clogged. pores are clogged by dirt and sebum, this can turn into pimples if not cleaned thoroughly.

In addition, other causes could be due to hormones imbalance and it could be called Adult Acne. Adult Acne is very annoying because they appear on the cheeks and under the chin. This kind of Acne is usually large and deep, sensitive to touch and it took a long time to disappear completely.

This type of acne is very dangerous because it can leave scars if you try to popping it. And popping or picking at pimples is a great way to get your acne to spread. Don't do it! 

If there's a scar left, that scars won't be disappear completely with any cream. More worst, it can leave dry scars on the skin surface so people think there's no acne anymore but in fact there're still some acnes under the skin layer..

I suffered from this kind of Acne 2 years ago and yes, the scars can't disappear completely. I was very disappointed with a skin care product that I used that time.. But I think the main cause was my imbalance life style and it affected my hormone. So the Adult Acne appeared..

At that time I was super stressed because I rarely got acne when I was a teenager and suddenly so many acnes appeared, made me so mad. haha

How I cure my self?
I remember I changed my life style little by little. I drink less dairy product and consumed more water. I found that Milk can make adult acne worse, so at that time I stopped all my dairy intake. It was so hard because I love dairy products so much lol.

I also tried to balance my sleep and ate more fruits & vegetables. It is really important to have a good rest and sleep everyday or our hormone can become disrupted.

I love to drink tea everyday and so I change my tea bag to tea leaves from China. I bought the tea leaves during my trip, they're Long Jing tea and Lychee tea. Both have a good properties for my body and clean toxin.

I rarely wear make up again so my skin can breathe more, I only wear make up like 1-2 times a week so my skin can heal..even though it's slow, at least it gets better day by day, hehe. BTW LOL I know I look so different without make up XDDDDa

And the most important is I never forget to clean my skin twice a day and apply my daily skin care after that. There are many acne products out there, mostly is okay but can't really remove my acne completely.

I also have tried many acne products out there and most of them just so-so. Cos Adult Acne is really hard to cure, the main problem is from inside the body not from outside. I use many acne products but no result so I back to my usual skin care.

These two products from Clean & Clear and Garnier are only good to cure regular acne, small pimples, they didn't have any effect on my Adult Acne. (lol)

After few months I realized that Adult Acne/Hormonal acne is a great warning sign that’s showing you that your body needs some support and attention. I've been neglected my skin because of my works and I realize that I should give my skin more care and attention!!

I hope this post can reminds you to take care of your skin start from now, don't wait until anything bad happens (like me) and you'll regret for the rest of your life. If you suffered from this kind of Acne too, or any kind of Acne, don't give up to your skin.. I'm sure if you take care of it, it'll get better!

So, let's start to treat our skin better now, together~ Kindly share to people you love :)

Make up is essential to make us prettier but skin it the most precious life investment.

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