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Friday, September 04, 2015

Twinkle Eyes Half Series 1 Day

Hello Ladies, Finally I got time to write a review today. I usually love wearing contact lens with outer black ring on the edge because it makes my eyes looks bigger, but lately I love color contact lens too because it makes me look more mature and kinda half, lol.

This time I got a new contact lens from Pinkicon, it's Twinkle Eyes 1 Day - Half Series in Rouge Brown. This pack contains 10 lenses so I got 5 pairs and produced by Imai Hana, a Japanese Model and Actress.

Rouge Brown colour is a cute and natural brown colour with a little bit red tone. This contact lens doesn't has black outer ring so it looks natural somehow. I love how the colour blends to my natural eyes.

This contact lens is really comfortable and thin, I don't have any problem with this contact lens. I've brought them to my holiday trip because it's really convenient to wear everyday. Even thought the weather was super cold but the contact lens still comfortable to wear.

I love how it looks so natural, the diameter also perfect for daily/natural look. Sometimes I think 15mm ++ diameter is too much for daily wear, lol.

Every time I wear colour contact lens I always amazed by my own look because it looks different from the usual me, I look like a different person haha. But I love it because I look more mature and fierce LOL XD

To get this contact lens you can purchase it from Pinkicon, they have many kinds of different Japanese contact lens brand on their website. They also have some stores in Hong Kong soo if you live near there or planning to visit Hong Kong, maybe you can drop by there~!

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