Monday, August 24, 2015

Cheng Du Panda Research Base

Visiting a Panda Base in Summer is such a bad decision because Panda hates heat. And I didn't know about that before... so I thought it was okay to visit them during summer. The bad news is, all the Pandas were staying inside air conditioner room and when I heard about this the day before my visit, I feel shocked! ( 0_0)\

And the only Panda I could see outside is Red Panda, but they looked very lazy because of the heat, lol. Red Panda isn't as popular as Panda but they are very cute too!

The Red Panda is slightly larger than a cat and I think they look like a Racoon. Their main food is Bamboo but they also eat Eggs, Insects and Small Birds. Red Panda is very heat sensitive, their optimal temperature is between 17-25 °C and can't tolerate temperature over 25 °C.

And just like what I've said above, I got to see the Giant Panda from outside glass room. They are SO CUTE and eat a lot! They mostly eat Bamboo but they also can eat other grasses and fruits. Red Panda and Giant Panda are two of endangered species and they are very hard to mate.

Even though I only see them from outside the glass, I was veryyy happy and excited because they're just too cute! All they do everyday is just eating, lazying around, playing and sleep, LOL OMG HAHA. And I can just standing there, looking at them for few hours because seriously, I feel hypnotized. 

I also got to see their new BABY born!! But it was super hard to take a photo because we're not allowed to stop, the line was too long so I only saw it for a glance, tsk. ~( -,-)~ well luckily I could record it just a bit.


The best season to visit Panda is any season except Summer, lol. The Panda Research Base itself is a big place with many Bamboos along the road. There're many small enclosures for Panda to play, in cold weather they will come out and play with their friends.

I asked my guide about taking photo with the Giant Panda and she said it's not allowed anymore because of 1 accident. 1 or 2 years ago some Pandas caught a virus from one of the tourist and many Pandas become ill, so to prevent that case to happen again, the government forbid any tourist to take photo together with them. I feel a little bit disappointed but after heard the story I think that is the best to protect the Panda! We all love to see them around forever.

It's too bad there's no selfie with the Panda LOL so here's my selfie to close this post HAHA! My hair still looks good here because this photo was taken when I was waiting for the small car inside the Panda Base, after this, it looked like shit. lol


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Abigail said...

Beautiful photos!

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