Wednesday, September 09, 2015

(Review) Ultra HD Lipstick by Revlon Indonesia

Few days ago, I was invited to Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick launching event at Kota Kasablanka. This time Revlon has launched their new revolutionary lipstick line with high definition color and wax-free technology. I'm pretty curious about their new 'HD' lipstick line like 'hey, lipstick also got HD now?' lol.

The event was held at the main atrium, it's spacious with many flowers everywhere. There're some make up booths so we can try their new Ultra HD Lipstick and experience all the colors by our selves. For the opening they welcomed us with a great live music performance.

After the music performance there was some greeting speeches from Revlon Indonesia. They introduced and explained about the new Ultra HD Lipstick. I was quite excited when listening to their explanation because I really love bright Lipstick colour!

I also enjoy some cakes and desserts presented by Revlon while looking at the Runway Shows. All the models applied the lipstick directly on the stage so we can see how their lip colour changes and how bright the lipstick shade.

Beside runway there're fun games and door prize to liven the event. And if you notice all the flowers decoration, this launching event also has dress code with the same theme - flowery. I planned to wear my rose flowery dress BUT I leave that dress at my workshop, so I wore my blue flower lace dress instead. Well, it looks nice with my new lavender's blue hair.

After the event was over, I took some times to look at their new Ultra HD Lipstick and try it. I picked the blue toned red shade named Poinsettia, this reminds me of Red Poinsettia flower. I love how it looks a bit dark red but not too dark.

I got 3 different shades of Ultra HD Lipstick from Revlon Indonesia, I was hoping to get Gladiolus or at least Poinsettia because I love that colour so much, lol.  I'm not really into nude lipstick now so I really hope to get all the bright colours.

This Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is available in 10 colours. They have formulated a wax-free high-definition gel technology for intense and brighter colour.

Thank you Revlon Indonesia for the pretty gift!

Now it's the era for bright and high-definition colour in one smooth swipe. Revlon Ultra HD with clear base gel gives smooth and even texture than other wax-based lipstick. It is light and not waxy. With wax-free high-definition gel technology the colour is more intense and bright. This lipstick comes with a sweet whipped cream vanilla and sensual mango scent.

Revlon Ultra HD has 10 high-definition shades to choose, all of them are so pretty! The color selection is great and you can find deep sultry reds to sweet nudes. Makes me want to get everything, lol one lipstick is never enough right?

Orchid, Azalea, Gladiolus

I got Orchid, Azalea and Gladiolus. They are bright and fun colours. The pot design is simple with silvery and shiny packaging.

The lipstick formula is super smooth and feels really lightweight on the lips. It feels moisturizing without being too greasy. It's also super pigmented and true to colour, that's what everybody's looking for right?

Orchid, Azalea, Gladiolus

I love the even application with this lipstick, it glides smoothly on my patchy lips without looking patchy! It's easy to apply with even application every time. 

I don't think the colour is that long lasting but it stays for at least 3 hours with eating and drinking. I personally think the texture is quite runny and a little bit too creamy but it makes easy to apply and hydrating. Once you get used to it, this lipstick is amazing! 

Below's are the swatches on my lips and the look, you can see by your own eyes about how bright and intense the colour is.

Orchid is a bright rich purple-pink colour that is represent Orchid (flower), it is an expressive and charming colour with full of imagination. It looks a bit fuchsia with purple and pink undertones.

I wear this colour with a pink eyes make up, it makes my skin look fresh and lively! This is a fun and creative colour, a woman should wear Orchid with a confidence.

- - -

Azalea is a sweet and deep pink colour. It is inspired from a flowering shrubs named the same. It is a romantic and feminine colour but not soft and delicate. This hot pink is a playful and passionate colour!

I wear this lipstick with a deep purple eye make up and red pink blush to make my skin look warm and innocently cute. I think this pretty pink colour is perfect for any time, day or night.

- - -

Gladiolus is a classic red colour. It is the shade that Emma Stone wears on the ad, it is an intense and bold colour. Gladiolus is the colour of strength and action, the bold red colour makes you look independent and lovely at the same time!

Perfect for party, lovely for daily. If you looking for a classic red lipstick, you should try this shade. I wear it with a grey tone eye makeup cos I'm going to a party, lol. I think it also look unbelievably beautiful with nude makeup.

I really love about how all the colours are so bright and intense! I was attracted to their beautiful and fun lipstick colours, moisturizing effect is a plus for me. 


1. Moisturizing, hydrating and not drying on my lips.
2. True to color, you get what you see on the pot.
3. Great color selection, they have 10 different colours to collect!
4. Even and easy application.
5. Bright and intense color.

Well, girls please go straight now to all Revlon counters because this Ultra HD Lipstick is available now on the market! Yeaayyy~ It is only 99.000 for the price which I think is affordable, lol. I'm planning to get more colours if I have the chance because all of them are soo pretty.

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