Saturday, April 18, 2015

Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Raspberry Brown

Hello everyone, today I want to share a little bit about my new hair. Actually this isn't the first time I dye my hair with this colour, but I got many questions about it so I think it's better if I share it on my blog. :)

Picture below is my previous hair color before the touch up and dye my hair with Liese. I was pretty angry with my ugly roots, it's getting longer and looks messy.

I use Liese Bubble Hair/Prettia in Raspberry brown (again) this time. So before I dye my hair with Liese, I touch up my roots with Palty hair bleach in medium. I was going to use lighter bleach but I don't have that at the moment so I just use what I had.

After the bleaching process my hair color turns orangey brown and I don't like the color so I dye my hair again with Liese after that. This way is to make my hair looks even after bleaching. Actually 1 box of Liese is quite enough for my hair but I only wanted to color the top of my hair, so it looks like ombre.

This Raspberry Brown color has the violet pink tone, so the result is a brown color with a nice violet/pink hue. I love the color a lot because it looks so sweet and nice.  This color looks special but not too much, the violet tone is subtle but you can see the tone a bit.

If you want to achieve this hair color, you must at least bleach your hair first. If your hair is already light brown or 3++ level, I think it's okay. The result is depends on your previous hair color though! If your hair is a virgin black, the result probably will be like a really dark brown with a hint of deep violet under light. 

If you're not sure about how to use Liese Bubble Hair, you can read my post here, I also put a video on that post!

Good luck all :)


Cominica said...

I just did my hair recently with a Confume color, and didn't think about having dye already in my hair from the last coloring I did, so my result didn't turn out nice and brown, it turned straight black :(

I've tried bleaching my hair before, but it ends up being very painful for me. Do you do anything to make the process easier, or just dive right in?

Cominica said...

Cici sering banget dye rambuuutt

Sylvia's World

Cominica said...

hmm I'm fine with the bleaching process, it wasn't painful for me so I didn't do anything. I heard there's a scalp oil for protecting our hair through the bleaching process but I never saw one. :/

Cominica said...

hehe :)

Cominica said...

Aah, the color is really pretty! :3
Do you know of any online shops in Indonesia who sells Liese Bubble Hair and Palty?

I might want to try it, my roots have grown out already as well lol looks messy
And do you dye it right after bleaching or do you wait a few hours or a day?
( o 3o)

Cominica said...

The color looks great on you! What did you use for your previous hair color because I'm looking to dye my hair that color as well. Thank you!

Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

Anonymous said...

Love the color!!

Cominica said...

It's a really nice gradient and the shade is pretty!

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