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Friday, April 17, 2015

Body Fantasies Body Spray Review

Heyy ladies, actually I wasn't the type of woman who likes to wear perfume everyday. Every time I buy a perfume, in the end I'll give it to my mom, because I always forget to wear it. Sometimes when I go out, I don't wear any perfume at all lol so my scent is my natural body scent LOL. But well, I want to share about this cute little Body Fantasies now!

I often see many advertisements of Body Fantasies in Japanese magazines. This Body Spray is surprisingly quite popular in Japan. I've looked at some website and there're many women who love this brand because Body Fantasies have so maany scents to choose!

Originally, I knew about this body spray from my sister. She got a body spray from Cutie magazine and after that she told me it's Body Fantasies. I was determined that I have to buy this body spray in Japan lol (although later I'd rarely use).

The fun thing if we buy directly from a store is we can try and smell all of them! They have so many different scents from the pure one like a soap to a fresh green tea. I immediately fell in love with Vanila (it's my most favorite scent all the time) and Cotton Candy.

Cotton Candy is a nostalgic sweet scent from strawberry and sugar, it's super sweet and my sister hates it so much cos she hates sweet scent. She can't stand it. lol

What makes this body spray interesting is the cute handy bottle size and design, size that fits any bag and easy to carry anywhere. And one more, they have so many scents and we can change it day or night depend on our moods. hehe

They also have unisex line so you can share it with your boyfriend hahaha. The price also so cheap, only 450 yen! Nice right?

I personally like this body spray a lot, it's easy to bring anywhere and also long lasting. I think the scent stays quite long on my skin, probably 4-5 hours and I still can smell little scent from the area.

It's not same like some body spray I've tried during my teenager era (lol), the scent doesn't turn weird after a long time. 

Well I'm not sure about where to get this Body Spray in Indo but I think I've saw Body Fantasies brand somewhere.. maybe Guardian/Watson If I'm not wrong. Body Fantasies is not a Japanese brand, but this cute bottle design is only available in Japan, I'm not sure if the scent is same or not.

Do you like body spray/perfume? I rarely use it but I like purchasing, lol.

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