Monday, February 09, 2015

Sugar Pot Wax in Honey

Honestly, I never tried any sugar waxing before to pull out hairs on my body. I rarely wear clothes that show my skin so I think there's no need to pluck the hairs lol. I don't really have problems with some hairs on my body because they're just not that much..

But there's one part on my body where some hairs grow annoying enough to bother me, which is on my under arm. I think this problem applies to all women, not just me. Especially for women who often wear short-sleeved clothes, the under arm hair should be routinely removed. 

Sometimes, go to the salon requires a lot of time and expensive for some people. That's why we need a product which is safe enough to use at home. Let me share about SugarPot this time, if you never heard about it before you're not alone.

Sugarpot provides product that allows you to do self sugar waxing at home. Their ingredients are made from high quality ingredients (mostly imported), all naturals, and safe. They guarantee there're no dangerous chemicals added in their waxes.

At first I was hesitate to try it cos my skin is VERY sensitive and I'm not lying lol. SugarPot sent me The Pure Honey Sugar Kit to try. After saw the main ingredient which is Sugar and Honey, I thought maybe it's okay to give it a try.. If they use natural sugar, it has the benefit of being anti-bacterial.

Each package of SugarPot 'Honey' contains 250gr Honey Sugar Gel, 2 Spatulas, 12 Washable Strips and instruction manual.

The texture of the sugar gel is very sticky! And the stickiness kinda annoyed me.. LOL

The sugax gel is infused with pure forest honey and imported lemons. And Can be used for waxing sensitive & delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing (moustaches), underarms, bikini line & Brazilian waxing. 

Actually, it kinda reminds me of caramel.. I was tempted to taste it but I'm afraid it'll taste like shit lol

As you can see the consistency is really thick and dense, so it's better if you prepare a damp cloth to clean your fingers.

The sugar gel is actually a cold wax so we can use it just like that, but they suggest to warm the gel first in microwave or any heater for easier application. I was lazy to use my microwave because it's located on the first floor in my kitchen (my room is on the second floor), so I use my hair dryer instead, hahaha.

I just wait around 2-3 minutes and the gel turned quite runny so it's easier to apply to our skin. I also try to use the gel without the heating process and it's quite same la, haha.

So this is my hand and as you can see the hairs aren't need to be plucked I think because they're too short..

And I tried the wax on my under arm, my under arm is a very sensitive area on my body :v . I was nervous (this is my first time) but so curious lol. I deliberately grow my under arm hair longer so we can see the big difference! See this page for the instruction.

Do you notice the obvious result? I use the wax two times because at first I only applied the gel to small area (to see how it works) and the second time I applied the gel to most area on my under arm.

It was hurt.. a little?, lol. At my second attempt, it bleed on some areas. I think it's because my skin is very sensitive but don't worry it stopped so quickly haha. But my skin turned so red and I don't have anything to soothe my skin at that moment ~_~ lol they should send me the soothing mist too. :p

I quickly use a wet cloth (cold) to relieve the redness but not very effective, so I apply baby oil after that and it didn't feel too itchy again.

We can see that the sugar wax can removed my under arm hairs to the roots! Lol I know it looks very nasty XD but I don't care XD

Anyway after 30 minutes the redness has reduced and it looks better! So If you have same sensitive skin like me, you don't need to worry :D. I didn't continue the waxing process on the same day, I wait until 2 days to continue. So you still can see little hairy area there LOL

the redness reduced after some minutes..

So who needs this SugarPot?
All people (women/men) who want to have smooth skin without any hairs on their body, haha. You can use this wax anywhere you want~ ;) I don't need to mention it right? lol

I personally recommend this wax because I think it's easy to use at home and very quick too! The price also really affordable, the quality is worth the price. Maybe you also can try the soothing mist together, I'm sure it's good too.

SugarPot Wax


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Cominica said...

Kata nya cairin nya bisa juga di rendam dalam mangkok yang berisi air panas

Cominica said...

lol iya tapi kelamaan haha

Cominica said...

removing body hair through wax is the best for me. :3
The bleeding is normal from my experience, I think it's because the hair has huge follicle hence when you pull your pores will open. this is just my observation though!

Cominica said...

glad to hear that was normal! cos this is my 1st experience so I was kinda nervous lol, thanks! :)

Cominica said...

Super love this product, I'm on my 2nd jar right now :D Try the green tea one Comi, It smells really good ^^

Cominica said...

Do you think this would be okay to use on facial hair as well? I'm trying to look for an effective but not so harsh wax for my skin.

Cominica said...

well, its a nice review. i really liked it,
terus terus, reviewin produk sariayu martha tilaar dong,
katanya dia udh 11 tahun sponsorin Miss Indonesia loh.
did you heard that too?

Cominica said...

I waxed my armpits when I first got hair there, I really like how fast and smooth it is afterwards. It gets way less painful and irritating with time
Btw another good tip is that when you get the one that comes in strips warn them up by passing them through your hair straightener haha but without closing it

Cominica said...

Cee, sampai berdarah kayaknya sakit *cringes*

I love your blog by the way.

The gel looks like a food, even by seeing it, I'm so tempted to try it.

Have a good day,


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