Tuesday, February 10, 2015


You make me crazy, you make me wild
Just like a baby, spin me 'round like a child
Your skin so golden brown
Be young, be dope, be proud
Like an American

Drive fast, I can almost taste it now
L.A., I don't even have to fake it now
You were like so sick, everybody said it
You were way ahead of the trend, g-get it

Everybody wants to go fast, but they can't compare
I don't really want the rest, only you can take me there
I don't even know what I'm saying, but I'm praying for you

top | hk
outer | maco
skirt | comicou
bag | angel
socks | tutuanna
shoes | gosh


Cominica said...

I love the jacket ♥

Cominica said...

Skirt and the bag are so cutee ^^

Cominica said...

Super cute, the jacket is a brilliant idea!

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Cominica said...

Your jacket is absolutely gorgeous~ And I adore your hair :3

xoxo Payton
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Cominica said...

I want your jacket!


Cominica said...

Kaaaaawwwwwaiii •ω• You look amazing *_*

Cominica said...

Your hair ciiii <3

Cheers! http://www.MythifiedQueen.blogspot.kr

Cominica said...

Love your outfit! Especially the jacket/top!

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