Wednesday, February 04, 2015

2 Days in Shen Zhen, China

Hello, let's continue my holiday journey. So after Macau, I went to Shen Zhen. Shen Zhen is a major city in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province. To reach Shen Zhen is very easy, you can go there by Bus or Boat from Hk/Macau.

Why ShenZhen? Actually I didn't really excited except for the shopping part. The guide tour brought us to a big shopping mall named Lo Hu and they said all the clothes are cheap. But I found out noo, some of them are cheap but with very poor quality and the good/super good quality one are quite expensive. (the cheapest one was like 500.000 idr?)

I bought some items only like bags, shoes and of course clothes. The shopping mall isn't that good haha I wish they bring us to somewhere else, I'm sure there're many more shopping mall which is better! Actually the place isn't bad but all the stores seem to sell same items and that made me angry lol.

Let's skip it to the last day. Last day was better because we went to a big park named Window of The World. It's like a miniature of many famous places in the world, the park is tidy and clean. All the architectures and buildings also great, hahahahha. I was happy because I can take some photos.

After we've visited window of the world, we move to a cultural place (I forgot the name) to watch a traditional dance and performance. There are two performance, the first one was at 5 and the second one was at night so we can spent our times by walking around and exploring the place.

The first performance was a traditional dance, the place is located within a building and the second one is a kind of theater with dance as well, the second performance begins at night. The shows were great but I fell asleep several times LOL.

Traveling in Shenzhen was quite fun, especially on the second day because I can walk around by myself and take pictures. It feels nice if can explore these places in a long time and relax there.

Just like what I did in the cultural place where I can find ancient china things that I think is very unique. I remember I often see them in China's vintage movies. There are some people who make mochi and also old-fashioned toys. Apart from that I also taste many variety of typical Chinese snacks on the spot!


Cominica said...

so lovely, I'd love visit ^^

Cominica said...

such a nice place! everything looks so pretty and amazing. And i totally understand yahh, I'm already kinda angry because almost every shop at my place sells also everything the same damnn >.<


Cominica said...

This looks so cute and magical. I'd really love to see it with my own eyes someday... (´ ▽`).。o

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