Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Unforgettable Tokyo Disney Sea (Part 2)

Hello everyone, I need to continue my post about Disney Sea lol please don't be bored •́ㅿ•̀. Anyway, kindly see my first post about Tokyo Disnea Sea here if you haven't. If you're wondering, I was there until night around 7 pm because I want to see every corner of Disney Sea. hehe (´∀`)

I know some people (mostly) go to both Disney Sea and Disney Land, but that time I only chose to visit Disney Sea. Why? So there's a good reason why I must visit Japan again.. lol ≧▿≦

still around Arabian Coast..

And we decided to queue Journey to the center of the earth attraction, the line was SUPER SUPER LONG like ENDLESS (;゚Д゚). I mean like seriously I didn't move from my place for 1 and half hour, I didn't want to waste my time so.. ╥﹏╥ later I skipped ˃⌓˂

But I managed to take some photos inside the queue line, lol #fail

Then after we go out, I saw an Ice Cream stall and they have something like Mickey and Minnie shape of Ice Cream, also the pretty Shell shape! XD XD

I swear Ice cream in Japan is so yummy, not to sweet not to creamy, it just light and sooo nicely textured without too much cream. My brother and sister were already hungry, we smell something really fragrant and so curious!

Many people queued the stall and we found that it's a Chicken!! Well, I don't really like Chicken but since.. it smells so good like super good, I must try it! I also got a Pie together with the Chicken and they both so good, especially the Chicken! 100% must try!

We walked around until I smell something like.. curry? Yes, it's Popcorn Curry! Waw, I've never see something like this and I was sooo excited hahahah. I love Popcorn so much so I immediately bought one and share with my bro & sis.

And after that, I started to collect all of the Popcorn flavours hahha it was so fun, they have Caramel, Black Pepper, Soda, Corn, Strawberry and Original! I almost tried everything but I skipped the Original one because I couldn't find the stall ╥。╥

I wonder if they sell The Popcorn too at Disney Land? ¯ิ﹃¯ิ

While I was busy taking picture, I saw some cute girls and boys queued for taking turn for picture taking. Yes, in Japan people queue for almost everything, it becomes their habit and culture, unlike in Indonesia where people love to skip other people's line. lol (っ﹏-)

I believe they are still in junior high school haha they look like some teenagers in Nicola, so cutee. 

And I found a Popcorn stall again, haha I told my sister to go queue for me ( ¯▿¯)و LOL (bad sister). 

After we had our last Popcorn we went for Underwater attraction, Disney Sea was so cooldd at night.

The attraction was cool and a bit scary, haha really fun! I actually wanted to stay at Disney Sea until it's close but my brother insist to go back to hotel.. So we were heading to the Main Gate until I saw something so big, so beautiful!! It's a gate to Toyville Trolley Park!! XD yeay! You know right? It's Toy Story!

So happy I got to visit this at the last minute, my brother also very excited cos He loves Toy Story :v ceh! Hahaha I feel grateful cos I arrived at Toyville at night cos all the light bulbs are sooooo.... amazing! ⁍̴̛ ▿ ⁍̴̛

We only took some photos then continue our walk to the main gate. Even though Disney Sea was cold that night but truly beautiful, it looks so unreal omg >__<

So that was my story at Disney Sea, I hope you enjoy all the pictures and it helps if you want to go to Disney Sea someday. I know I didn't talk a lot cos It'll be boring haha.

I didn't regret to chose Disney Sea instead of Disney Land. It's a very unique and amazing Theme Park above the Sea, you must see it with your own eyes too! \(//∇//)\


Cominica said...

Nice pictures!
Me and Lea always ended up buying the caramel popcorn, although I also really want to try the cinnamon, as I lOVE LOVE LOVE cinnamon! :)
But I can not wait to go again! <3

Cominica said...

ahh soo much fun! I'm going to convince my fam to go there too by showing your pics to them hehee

Cominica said...

Ohh Japanese Ice Cream comes in the cutest shapes! ^ u ^

Cominica said...

Cute! I love your post as always. Have you heard about Legatalk? Seru banget ci appnya, bisa curhat tapi anonim gituuu

Cominica said...

Seru bangeeet. Jadi mau coba popcorn rasa curry juga xD

Cominica said...

Oh wow, I'd like to go here too!

Cominica said...

This looks so beautiful.... makes my heart yearn for Japan and Disney even more... ;;
And yes; they sell all sorts of popcorn at Disneyland, too... so you can already get excited about that :D

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