Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fade into Black

Within the black hole, I sit next to a crying figure and continue to watch its ceaseless tears..

Wrapped in the darkness, I give myself over to that black warmth
As I am swept along, I can no longer see anything… 

The darkness closes in and rages fiercely, I saw it faintly, Spark In The Dark. 

Not even my own heart, Fade Into Black ~

What's up everyone? Sorry If I rarely write any make up review or create any make up tutorial. I'm so busy with my life, freelance jobs, comicou and my study now, I try hard to collect money for my trip at the end of this month, hehehehe. I'm super super excited!


krystal ♥ said...

Good luck for your trip ! ^___^ + the outfit look super cute on you ! <3

TheLovelyIfy said...

Love the outfit and I hope you enjoy your trip! :)


Momopodo said...

Have fun on your trip! Its so odd seeing you in black but it looks cute on you much like everything else ^^ xoxo


Sephie Rojas said...

I love the combination of your dress and the long sleeved top! Super kawaii! <3

Strawberry Bunny

GDR. said...

You look absolutely adorable, very doll like.

Crystal Aragon said...

Such a cute outfit!

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