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Monday, December 03, 2012

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (Soft)

My skin was breakout really bad after holiday ≧△≦. Use a lot of make up could be the other reason for my breakout. At that time, Lovely Pinky asked me whether I want to try this pore clay mask or not. She knew I was suffering because of my big pores, lol. I accepted her offers because it's from Innisfree. I love Innisfree products because most of their product are made from natural ingredients and no harmful ingredients. I got the one in Soft type because I was afraid the hard type will make my skin too tight. (#゜皿゜)

☆ Packaging :
Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore clay mask is comes with 100% recycled paper. It makes the whole appearance look natural and eco-friendly.

☆ Contain Rare ingredients :
Jeju volcanic cluster was created by the lava that was hardened when there was a volcanic eruption in Jeju island. It is a rare pure ingredient with the capacity to absorb sebum and impurities. And now, we can enjoy the goodness in this clay mask.

☆ Innisfree cares about the environment :
1. Packaged in 100% recycled paper
2. Tamra (another name of Jeju) paper labels made of tangerine peels
3. Recyclable and low carbon generating light-weighted containers

☆ Free of artificial ingredients :
This mask is a safe natural pack which is free of artificial fragrance, pigments, paraben, benzophenone, ethanol, animal ingredients and mineral oil.

☆ Recommended when you :
. are concerned about the pores
. are concerned about the blackheads
. feel that make up is getting cakey
. feel that your skin tone is uneven and dull
. feel that sebum is causing skin troubles

☆ Color :
The clay seems doesn't contain any coloring because it comes with warm grey color.

☆ Texture :
This clay mask texture isn't like other clay mask I ever tried, it's soft, not crazily thick and hard, not oily because it's not contain mineral oil. The texture is easy to spread and apply.

☆ My experience :
I already use this mask for a month, 2/3 times per week. I usually use it before I go to sleep. I love to use mask before sleep because I think it can clean and treat my tired skin after a day. But, I don't really feel much different with this clay mask, expect my acne was look smaller after apply this mask. (゜∀゜)

So, I change the time. I've been using this mask every morning now after I take a bath and clean my face every morning. I use it 3/4 times every week now, and guess what? It works! Better than at night, lol. After use this mask every morning, my blemishes slowly disappear, my pores look less visible, my dull skin looks brighter and my skin is remain so soft and smooth all day. ヾ(☆▽☆), I'm so satisfied! (/^▽^)/

trollololl xD

☆ Strong sebum absorption :
I can feel some area of my skin with more sebum is controlled by this clay mask. After apply this mask every morning, my skin look less oilier on T-zone.

☆ Impurity removal :
Things like black heads, white heads and dirty pores can make our skin look dull. After use this mask for a while, my pores look clean, less black head and white head every time I apply the mask. I can see the difference after use it for a month.

My skin look clearer now, I hope with regular use my skin can return to it's good condition. o(≧▽≦)o

☆ What I like :
This mask can reduce blemishes, black head, white head and keep our pores clean. Clean pores means less skin problem. Clearer skin and brighter skin.

I love how this mask doesn't dry my skin or make my skin tight. I only can feel smoothness after clean this mask, not any dry feeling.

☆ What I don't like :
Need to wash off and can't do anything when apply this mask, hahahahhaha.(¬д¬。)

Definitely will repurchase this mask~ Have you ever tried this? You should give it a try!

☆ Where To Get :
This product is sponsored by Lovely Pinky, you can get 5% discount if you mention my name Cominica for minimal purchase = 100.000 idr.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps you! >w<)/ see yaaa

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