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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Cool For School Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass

Lipgloss that beams with moisture. Dual Jelling system that ensures vivid color expression as if lipstick are applied.(゜∀゜) I've never find a Korean brand Lip gloss that has the same quality like Japanese brand lip gloss. I choose this lip gloss for trial because it look cute and promising hahahha. I wonder about the quality of the lip gloss since they said the color is vivid and gives watery finish to lips. (´∀`)♡

☆ Packaging :
Dominated with passionate red color, hahaha look so fun and somehow "powerful". I love the Illustration so much!(///∇//)

03 - Pinky Baby, 02 Red Beam and 05 Peach Holic.

☆ Small and Tiny
Let me tell you that this lip gloss comes in a small size. Thin and small, but easy to bring lol. I should took photos with my hands. Sorry my bad, but I'm lazy to take another shot of this, hahahha. I probably will post it on my instagram.

The red ribbon on top can use for some purpose so I can bring it everywhere. Can tie it on my phone strap too, hheheheh. >‿<

☆ The Wand :
It has a doe foot applicator like candy doll but smaller. And it took sometimes to apply because of the small applicator, lol.≧△≦

☆ Color :
#3, Pinky baby, a pale pink color, has some shimmer.
#2, Red beam, kinda like raspberry red colors with a lot of glitters.
#5, Peach Holic, a dark peachy color with red tone, has shimmer too.

☆ Texture & Formula :
Not that sticky, just like other normal lip gloss. The formula isn't overly shiny and juicy. Overall not that bad, but not my favorite kind of lip gloss. (´−`)

#3, Pinky Baby, look pale on my lips, hahahahahha. I look sick XD

#2, Red Beam, this color look lively on my lips and can make my whole face look fresh. I quite like it except the glitters!!

#5, Peach Holic, this color isn't look that peachy for me but the color is so natural.

☆ What I like :
I think all colors look pretty and I like the smooth texture, too bad it's not look juicy on lips. >w<

☆ What I don't like :
I don't really like overly glittery and shimmery lip gloss, hahaha it makes my lip look so weird when the shine is gone/dry! ⊙﹏⊙

☆ Where To Get :
I got mine from my sponsor Zatura Shop, you can use my coupon code : Cominica to enjoy 5% discount for pre-order/ready stock product. Minimal amount purchase 100.000 idr.

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