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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream is a moisture-filled BB cream enriched with organic green tea from the pure island of Jeju. It is formulated for supple and clear skin. It protects against UV rays with its SPF25 / PA++ properties. I got this a while ago because I was curious about this bb cream. It contain natural green tea, so let's check it out. o(≧▽≦)o

☆ Packaging :
Made from a doff plastic-like material, dominated with natural color and fresh green color. Look so natural and earthy ('∀'●)♡. Comes with a pump, just like Missha bb cream.

☆ 100% Organic Green Tea :
Contain organic green tea from Jeju island, refines skin for clarity and suppleness.>‿<

☆ Shade 2 :
I should get the shade 1 though, but at time that seller send me this number 2 shade which look quite natural on me.

☆ Formula :
Moisturizing, smooth skin covering with glowy finish. I always prefer matte finish base product than glowy. But the result is really natural, the coverage is medium. No wonder because this bb cream has 40% moisture content. 

☆ Scent :
A really soft and refreshing green tea scent!

☆ Easy to blend :
The liquid isn't thick, so it's not hard to blend. Feel moisturizing after apply all over my skin. But can't completely cover skin problems such as acne, dark spots, etc, etc. ≧△≦

☆ LIKE :
o The shade fit my skin tone quite well.
o My skin look smooth and so natural like my own skin, I love use this if my skin is in a good condition.

o If wear from morning till night, my skin can look oily and dull.
o Can't cover spots and scars completely because the coverage is medium.
o Can't hide big pores.

☆ Suit for girl with minor skin problem :
I have a lot of scars all over my cheek, nose and jaw. And this bb cream can't cover it, it only gives a natural finish just like your own skin!(゜∀゜)

So, if you're looking for high coverage bb cream, you can try other brand like Lioele triple solution.

Wonder where to get this? You can contact my sponsor Lovely Pinky or Zatura, they have it! Check their banner on my right column. (/^▽^)/

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!(///∇//)

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