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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Loreal Miss Candy Collection - Sweet Temptation

Loreal Paris brought us Miss Candy collection, which inspired from colorful life (///∇//). Miss Candy collection present sweet pastel colors along with the sweet candy scent in all their products. This collection comes in 3 range of products, Lipstick, Lipgloss and Nail Polish. I'm SO EXCITED to try this new collection because pastel colors is my favorite! Hahahahah  (/^▽^)/ 


Loreal Paris ID was kindly sent me this new Miss Candy collection. I was so surprised because they didn't say anything about this, so when I received the package I was really happy! The products they've sent are, Color Riche Nutrishine, Glam Shine and Color Riche Le Vernis including a cute baby blue make up pouch and candies!('∀'●)♡

Perle de Jade, Miss Strawberry, Miss Raspberry, Dating Coral. Adorable right? ;)

1. Color Riche Nutrishine, Miss Strawberry.
☆ Packaging :
Just like other Loreal lipstick packaging, it dominated with gold color, look mature, elegant and expensive.(///∇//)

☆ Ingredients :
Contain Royal Jelly and Shea butter, gives your lips nutrition and moisturizing so our lips can look soft and smooth.

☆ Color :
It has 5 colors to choose, Miss Marshmallow, Miss Caramel, Miss Orange, Miss Raspberry and Miss Strawberry. I got the Miss Strawberry, a really sweet candy pink color. Kyaaahh (ノ>▽<。)ノ

☆ Formula :
Moisturizing and easy glides on lips. Kinda remind me of Revlon Lip Butter, but this one is more pigmented and has sweet candy scent. Super yummy~

On my lips,

Super cute pink color!! X'D

☆ LIKE :
I love this lipstick because it's moisturizing and make my lips look smooth. At that time, my lips is so dry so I was kinda lazy to make a review. But after apply and captured the picture, it turn out good! ヾ(☆▽☆)

Not long lasting.

☆ Price :

2. Glam Shine, Miss Raspberry. Combined with 2 colors in spiral design.
☆ The Wand :
Soft, easy to apply because it's not stiff. I love the sharp point on the edge. Easy to apply on cupid.

☆ Formula : (Sheer)
Not as glossy as I thought. Not thick, really different from Japanese lip gloss. This one is really really natural, still look shiny though but I'm not a fan. The color is quite sheer for me.

☆ Color :
A raspberry color and look a bit soft apple red, hmm you might like this if you love natural lip gloss to use everyday.

Look cute on lips, but I love more juicy lip gloss. hahahahha

☆ LIKE :
Gives natural and subtle gloss, suit for everyday use. Not sticky.(`∀´)ノ 

The color is really sheer. Need to apply few times. ≧△≦

When use together, Miss Strawberry topped with Miss Raspberry. A sweet and shiny lips, kekekek. So cute and sweet!!! ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
☆ Price :
119.000 idr

3. Color Riche de Vernis.
I got Pearl de Jade and Dating Coral. There's Integrated Gel Technology and specially designed brush for easier application on nail. Long lasting color and has 15 different colors to choose!

☆ Formula :
Need 3 coats to completely cover my nails. Creamy texture and need sometimes to dry. But after it completely dry, my nails look so glossy and pretty.

☆ Formula :
Thicker than the Pearl Jade, only 1 coat it's enough. 2 coats can completely cover my nails. When dry not as glossy as Jade, but look pretty though.

☆ LIKE :
Cute colors, long lasting.

Some colors are not as pigmented like other. Need sometimes to dry.

☆ Price :
49.000 idr

You can find this collection at all Loreal Paris Counter in Indonesia, they have some mobile counter too specially for this collection. And there's a promotion to get free make up pouch too, just make sure to check it out!(-^〇^-)

Thanks for reading ladies and have a nice day! (≧∇≦)/

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