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Monday, September 10, 2012

Lioele Skin Fix Powder Pact - Moist

Lioele is probably one of my favorite Korean brand cosme, not only because of the packaging but the quality is quite good also. Price is also same like other Korean brand out there. Now, I'm going to share a review about Lioele skin fix powder pact in Moist type. I got this powder pact from "this" event from Lioele.( ・∀・)

super pretty packaging~!! And that Cinderella's cart *Q* aaaa~

It comes with a pretty anti bacterial puff(?) and I love they separate it from the powder! Puff can easily become nasty and sometimes I always forget to wash it. So, the separate part is really hygiene and make the powder stay clean.♡

I got no.21 in Blooming Ivory, this shade is fit my skin perfectly, hahaha.

The fact that this powder is Moist type, that means this is supposed for Dry skin right? My skin is dry now, so this powder should work good on me. However, the fact is different. This powder sometimes can make my make up look cracked when I'm sweating and it was super ugly. Especially around my nose!! Imagine your nose with cracked powder and your pores look visible? Euuhhhh~ so nasty!(ノTДT)

But the story is different if I use Evian after put this powder on my face. It doesn't cracked and stay well on my skin. Kinda weird... and it happened few times~≧△≦

I love the soft texture of this powder but I need to apply it by gently pat the puff on my skin. Because it will look too much. To be honest, I prefer loose powder than compact powder because it looks more natural. 

Overall What I love about this powder is the shade that fit my skin perfectly and the soft texture. Despite of the cracked problem, this powder is stayed quite good on my skin. I still use this powder if I'm in a rush. Can't use for touch up though because it will crack... Sadly, this time Lioele not impressed me. ( ´△`)

Rating : 3/5
Not sure about the price though,lol.

I don't recommend this powder for people who has dry skin though, if your skin is normal or combination then you can try it~!

Thanks for reading ladies~! Hope this review helps you~ Have a nice day!!(≧∇≦)/ 

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