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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lioele New Store Launching at Pondok Indah Mall 1 Jakarta - Haul - Giveaway winner!

Hello Ladies~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ! Last saturday, I was invited by Lioele Indonesia to attend their launching event at Pondok indah mall 1. Congratulations Lioele!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ, Finally Lioele has another store in Indonesia, the first one is at Ciputra Mall, I'm so happy for them. And this event was made to celebrate the opening for two days, saturday and sunday. There was so many interesting promotion on their store that time.

There are Skin Care demo, Make up demo and Make up contest. I didn't know there would be a make up contest. They didn't write it on the invitation. I feel excited to join this event because I'm a fan of Lioele bb cream so I want to explore all their products by coming to their event.

I came late (again?(¬д¬。)) that day, hahaha but thanks the event was just begin. The event was hosted by Catherine, she's so tiny and cute. lol. Mrs Indah as the MUA, (the white clothes) was demo-ing 17 skin care steps before applied make up. She said, Korean ladies always does 17 steps of skin care everyday start from 15 years old, wtf? ∑(O_O;) No wonder their skin all so good. And Ms. Irene(hot pink dress) the MUA too, was introducing Lioele skin care range one by one and give some useful advices too.
Ms. Irene - Mrs. Indah - Ms. Catherine

After all the skin care steps @__@, finally the make up demo was began. You'll love this make up if you like Korean drama and actress, because the make up is inspired by that. Natural and soft. I never watched any korean drama or follow K-pop again now, hahahah but still I like Korean natural make up because it looks fresh and young.(^▽^)

The make up demo was over and the make up contest was about to begin. I was lazy to join because I need to remove ALL my MAKE UP ( ≧Д≦) and it just a pain in the ass, hahahahhaah. But, they told me to participate so yeah be ready to see my NAKED FACE all Lioele staff! I cleaned my face with Lioele make up cleansing tissue, it's like Biore 2in1 cleansing tissue but this is can be use for whole face not just for eyes and lips. So, this is my bare face ahahahah XD
I looked nervous -__-

Ms Indah told me to repeat all the skin care steps and then make everyday make up in 30 minutes. Ms Irene would be the Judge to choose the winner. Honestly when Ms Indah told me to try the skin care I was really excited because that means I can try all the products that I'm interested in. Yeaayy~ (@⌒ー⌒@)

Let me tell you all the steps now,
♥ I remove my make up with Lioele make up cleansing tissue. I need more than 3 sheets to completely remove my make up. Not recommended for waterproof make up like mascara and eyeliner. I use Aroma waterproof eye&lip remover to remove my eye make up.

♥ Peeling my skin with Aroma soft peeeling gel, this is to remove dead skin cell before make up so the final result is smoother. Scent nice and didn't itch my sensitive skin.

♥ Mask my face with Lioele face mask for brightening and massage it slowly so it absorb faster. Really moist and firm my skin.

♥ Apply CAD Cell skin all over my face (this is a toner step)

♥ Apply CAD Cell eye cream around my eye area. this eye cream not feel greasy
♥ Use Active Ampoule Theraphy for whitening on my face (this is like a serum)

♥ Apply CAD Cell essence generously, hahahah maybe you wonder why I try the CAD Cell line, it because the function is for wrinkle and whitening. lol *wrinkle *-*
♥ Apply CAD Cell Lotion/Emulsion on my face and neck area
♥ Apply CAD Cell Cream only on my U zone, because that area tend to get dry.

♥ I use AC Acne scars zero spots, they said this is for brightens acne scars, dark spots and reduce redness. Why so amazing? lol
photo source: Lioele Indonesia

I think that's all my skin care steps, hahahha then to the make up base steps.
♥ I tried the Secret pore rich balm, lol it works like my SANA Pore Putty. But this one is more matte texture.

♥ I Applied Dollish vita bb in green on my nose area which has more redness, I really want to try the green one so bad! Lol, and apply the purple one on all my face to brighten my complexion. You can read my review about Dollish BB HERE.

♥ I applied concealer to brighten my dark circle first, I use lioele mix concealer, omgg this is really good! A must have, even the texture is creamy it blended easily on to my skin. I use this to conceal my blemishes scar and lips too.

♥ Apply Triple the solution bb cream lightly, I only apply it on my T-zone area. I don't need to rave about this bb cream again right? lol, You can see my review about this BB cream HERE.

♥ I use Lioele face powder, a loose powder. I like using loose powder because the result is more more natural.

♥ Then I use their Secret HD Powder, this powder is transparent. Work like my EGM HD powder which is already empty, I might get this powder later. lol it reduce the appearance of pores and make my face look smoother.

I think that's all the make up base steps, I don't really remember what products I use for my eyes because it was so many~~~~ Hahahaha, but I captured what I try on my cheek XD

Because Lioele is Korean brand, I did my make up more more natural with soft color and dewy look. Korean actress inspired, lol and I didn't expect I will win щ(゜ロ゜щ). All the contestant were so good at make up! Ms Irene said my make up is look good, smooth and I use trendy colors which is in this year. Hmm, yeah I use peach and green color because I think that color will make my small eyes look more fresh and innocent. She even thought I have Japanese/Korean I think that because of my make up, we could create any look we want with make up. Fun right? (*´▽`*)

SO MANY LIOELE STUFFS (,,#゚Д゚) *steal one

And this is my look, lol I didn't use a eye tape, that's why my eyes look uneven ╥﹏╥

And yeah do you want to see the prize??? The first winner get Lioele cosmetics which worth 750.000 idr. Aww, So happy~~~  o(≧▽≦)o
This is what I got from Lioele.

1. Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
2. Lioele Skin Fix Powder Pact (Moisture Type) I was hope to get the loose powder though, lol XD
3. Lioele Blooming Gloss in Orange
4. Lioele Carry Me Hand Cream in Coconut
5. Lioele Color Eyeshadow in Sky

This means I don't need to buy another bb cream for the next next year ♥(ノ´∀`)!! Lol, thank you so much Lioele. Hahaha and I was so happy to get the Lip gloss, because Lip gloss is what I use the most.

And you know, because I fell in love with Lioele skin care on Sunday I came back to PIM with my bf to get it~~~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ. Because my birthday is near, he said he will buy me anything. Lol, I have many things in mind like more hair styling tools, more make up or more skin care. But, of course skin care win. Skin care is an investation for me, with a good skin there comes a good make up, right? Lol, So ladies, start to treat your skin nicely now! ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

This is what I got for my birthday. Thankss my Dear~! :*

I only buy products I need this time.
1. Lioele CAD CELL Skin
2. Lioele CAD CELL Essence
3. Lioele CAD CELL Eye cream
4. Lioele AC Control Scar Zero Cream
5. Lioele Active Threaphy Ampoule Whitening

The rest are gifts. I have a 50.000 idr voucher discount and for every 300.000 idr purchase I can spin the lucky wheel to get prices. I got 70.000 idr voucher and a white eyeshadow colors. I really want to get secret pore rich balm but I guess I never have a luck on a game like this. Hahahahahah (︶︹︺)

You can check Lioele at Facebook and you can purchase product from there too.

Thank you Lioele! And some pictures there.
with Tya, the second winner :)


photo from Catherine. You can see my full outfit here :)

Mrs Olive and Mrs Indah

I will make a review of the skin care later, because I need to use about 1 month to make a detail review about it. For the make up, I'm going to make it later after use it many times. I still have many make up and skin care to review next like Candy doll, Juju, Eyemazing, My beauty diary, Revlon, etc @____@ so many. Hahaahah I wish I have more time to make it. ;_; too busy with my work and life now.

Btw, my giveaway has end now! Thank you for joining my giveaway, The winner is Filomena Paoletta, CONGRATSS!  I'm going to held another giveaway soon, but sorry this time is for Indonesia only .__. , don't worry I will make another International Giveaway again in the future.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! ^O^

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