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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I.Fairy Cara Brown - anime look brown lens

Hello Ladies~~~~o(≧▽≦)o I'm going to share my favorite super bright Brown lens from I.Fairy. This color lens is sent from Uniqso for a review purpose. Uniqso sells beauty related stuff like Circle Lens, False Lashes and etc. They shop is based in Malaysia but they ship worldwide! Kindly check their website "here".

The packaging comes in a cute bear box, hahahaha!

I choose I.Fairy Cara Brown for review because the pattern is so anime-ish! hahahah I was so excited to try this lens!
Diameter: 16.2 mm
Water: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Made in: Korea
Life Span : 12 month, I recommend use it for only 10 month. lol

I'm sorry I accidentally lost my picture for the pattern! TT______TT, pic credits from Uniqso site.

It looks Gold and so bright!!! I'm so excited to see it on my eyes. First time try this lens, what do you think? So anime look XD, my camera setting was too warm here.>‿<

And my second time try this lens, captured with my ring flash with neutral setting so the color show better. I freakin love the patternnnnn  *slapped

Whole look with make up.(///∇//)

Hmm, what can I say about this lens, hahaha. The color absolutely show on my dark eyes and super bright. The brown color is look a bit gold which I think so freaking beautiful~!

I love how they make the pattern, can look so shiny on my eyes.

Just like other I.Fairy lens, I feel comfortable using this color lens. Diameter was okay too. But compared to I.Fairy moe moe, this lens is thicker.

It does make my eyes larger and bigger! The thin black ring on the outer edge make it look bigger. You can see it by your self neee?

I really love this color lens for photo shot, it look so obvious on my eyes. Shiny and make my eyes look so anime~ Kekekeke. I always love brown color lens and I think this lens is the prettiest. It can look good too for gyaru make up, thats make me even love it. 

Compared to Mimi Brown, this lens is so unnatural and can't use without make up. It might look a bit too much though, hahahahhaha. But still, if you're looking for a bright brown color lens you might want to try this~~!

If you want to buy this lens, kindly check the product "here". You can enjoy 10% discount by mention my code "COMI10" when you check out.

Thanks for reading ladies, I'll be back with more interesting make up review~ And of course, my make up tutorial. Hahahahaha please looking forward~! And oh, I'm going to host a mini giveaway soon, kekeke. So, please stay tuned~! Byeee~

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