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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Buty Color Handmade Lower Criss-Cross Eyelashes

Not all girls used to wear lower lashes, some of them can't because they think it's hard, some of them says it's too dramatic and unnatural. I can't wear upper lashes without lower lashes ≧△≦, sometimes I feel something missing if I don't use lower lashes, hehehe I think I already used to it. It's become my life style now. (≧∇≦)/

This is a lower lashes that I got lately, it's from kkcenterhk. It's import from Taiwan and made in Vietnam.。◕‿◕。

It has a criss-cross design and look like Dolly wink baby cute! The different is this is in 1 stem and dolly wink is parted.

I got 10 pairs in 1 box which is quite a deal, hehe. The lower lashes is way to long for my eyes so I need to cut it a little to suit my eyes.

It's bit stiff and not easy to form because it already has curve shape. Despite of that, it still look very cute.

I use kkcenterhk false lashes for the upper part, I mix DBSC false lashes HERE and ES false lashes HERE. So pretty right?? *w* , this affordable false lashes can create such beautiful false lashes effect. o(≧∇≦o)

I want to cut the lower lashes next time, I bet it will look sooo similar to dolly wink no.6 . lol

Close Up, LOL XD XD I look creepy, wtf

The lower lashes isn't that visible but still gives my eyes a bigger effect and good shape. The only thing I don't really like is, the band isn't like 1 thin strand but like a glue. Just like DW no.6, so if it get dirty it's a bit hard to clean. Sometimes I use baby oil to clean it or just throw it away, lol I still have 9 pairs left wtf XD XD

Do you like this lower lashes? (*´▽`*)

You can find this lower lashes HERE, it's out of stock now but I'm sure they'll stock it soon! 

Ahh btw, I have a good news, still remember Baby Queen lower lashes that I reviewed HERE and HERE?. I LOVE them so much and It's IN STOCK now XDD, hurry check the product HERE and HERE before they're out of stock again. Hehehe and don't forget to use coupon code 'COMINICA' to get 10% discount~~ (-^〇^-)

Happy shopping and thanks for reading~!! Have a good sleep!ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ 

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