Monday, April 16, 2012

KKCenterhk ES Handmade Glamour Eyelashes

Hello Ladies ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ!! How are you? I hope you're fine and everything is going well. I haven't post in few days, so now I'm going to update my blog with some post, hehehe(^▽^). Now, I'm going to review a false lashes from kkcenterhk, I don't know why it named Glamour, because it don't look glamour for me, it look natural and the hair is super super soft!

I've get many false lashes from kkcenterhk and I think from all of them, this false lashes is super super soft compared to other design.. For my personal style, I don't really like this kind of false lashes, I probably will use it only for the edge of my eyes to make it look more fuller or catty effect. (`ー´)

This is the look on my eyes, sorry I didn't capture the full look when using this false lashes because my eyes get irritated that day ;__; , however you can enjoy the big size of photo on this post, hehe >w<

I'm using Geo Xtra Sakura Pink on this eye look ❤

It look natural right? It blend really well with my own eyelashes, too bad my eyelashes is superrr short!! LOL

Please check out the product HERE if you're interested with it. I'm quite happy because I ran out of natural false lashes at the moment. I need a false lashes like this for mixing my false lashes if I think it's not long/full enough. Too bad I don't have many free times again, I was going out all day yesterday to my workshop and went out to buy sewing machine and etc. They probably come tomorrow, I need to get up early and bring my left fabric there.
But before that, I'm going to post another post first, hehehe Thanks for reading ladies, Have a nice days and GOOD LUCK!!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 

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Banny said...

I really like these lashes! They blend nicely with your lashes :)

priincess emily said...

These are my favourite lashes yet! :D

Amyboo said...

They're so natural and pretty! :D 

Sashi said...

wonderful <3 

Sandy said...

So natural~ @w@

Hanbi Jang said...

omg I love these! They are so nice and fluffy but at the same time looks so natural!

Miaojuan said...

Hwaa~ This natural false lashes is really pretty! ^^ I think it will look good for daily use isnt it? Also get well soon for your irritated eyes alright~ >.<

joyce15_4 said...

So pretty~!
I don't usually wear much false lashes, but I really want to! >u<
Your circle lens is cute too! ^3^

Kimu said...

Very nice lashes! They look super natural on you and give just the right amount of length and volume!

MissFeelo said...

Unrelated but I love the little points you drew on your inner ear corner. They're so well drawn!

l0ckheart said...

I like the close up look! And, those lenses are really pretty!

I've been thinking about getting some new lashes that are more natural for wearing every day. I've really been looking at the Dolly Wink Otona series... but, compared to those, how do these look as far as natural goes? 

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