Monday, May 21, 2012

Affordable False Lashes for Gyaru make up from kkcenterhk

Hello ladies~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ! Now I'm going to make a false lashes review again! I got lot of question about Gyaru, but honestly I'm not a Gyaru. I just happen to superr adore their style. I admit I read Popteen a lot, hahahahhaha but that doesn't make me a Gyaru :p. Many lovely girls asked me about Gyaru make up, especially false lashes such as Dolly Wink, Eyemazing, Diamond Lash, etc. They told me it's hard for them to do a Gyaru look because they think Gyaru make up is expensive. They need to buy Japanese brand like Candy doll, SANA, Eyemazing, Cosmagic, etc. But I told them it's NOT like that, you don't need to use Japan brand to achieve Gyaru look, hahhaha. You can use Korean brand, US brand, or any brand you love to create a Make Up Look!! Right?
I think the most important element in Gyaru make up is False Lashes, without it you can't achieve the look. 

KKCenterHK is my favorite place to get many kind of false lashes, they not only sell natural criss crossed false lashes, but they have more dramatic lashes too for party or event. I got 5 box of different false lashes from them and now I'm going review 2 of them. If you're looking for affordable false lashes for party or Gyaru, you should keep reading. ヽ(´ー`)┌ 


I choose this type of false lashes because I love Long and spiky design ('∀'●)♡. The center part is longer so I supposed it would be really nice for Gyaru make up. The quality is quite good, same like Eyemazing. But don't compare it with dolly wink because DW lashes is really soft and natural. You can check the product HERE.

Recently, KKcenterhk has newly arrived lower lashes but I think they're already sold out~~! HAHA, I wish they will re-stock it soon because all the lower lashes is really nice and good! You can check the product HERE.

You can see the design is look like Dolly wink number 14, but this one is more longer and thicker than Dolly wink. Despite of that, the shape and curve of the lashes is really suit my eye shape. And I think it would suit most people eye shape, just make sure you cut them if the strand is too long for your eyes.

I wear both of the False lashes on this eye make up. What do you think? 。◕‿◕。

I loooove it so much (///∇//)! See the edge effect? It make my eyes look more open, bigger and wider (*´▽`*). I use Grang Grang Choco circle lens, please check out the review here

And the whole look.

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Affordable
✩ Get 5 pairs in 1 box!
✩ Nice quality
✩ Can be use for many times
✩ Perfect curve
✩ Can be use for Gyaru look

✩ Available online only ヽ(`д´;)ノ

Another pictures to come XD

I love smiling, I think it makes me look more younger. *slapped ⊙▽⊙

Okay, I stop here  (゜∀゜),, hahaha. Do you like this false lashes? Please check kkcenterhk website and you can get 10% discount with code COMINICA. Thanks for reading ladies, I hope you like this post!  o(≧▽≦)o