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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii False Lashes no.14

Hello ladies ≧∇≦)/, today I'm going to review Dolly wink number 14 lower false lashes. I already noted this lower false lashes on my wishlist when the first launching on my post here. I really like this kind of lower lashes design, I've made something like this too on my post here. Check it out if you haven't. 

I really like this Dolly Wink lower lashes design, it's like a number 5, but more shorter and more sharper on the outer corner.
I love the old packaging more than this one, but this one is pretty good too. Look so feminine and delicate. More 'otona'.

See how the edge is look more thick? This false lashes is just like other Dolly Wink false lashes which SO SOFT. The band is really easy to bend, to form and shape, so it can follow your eye line. And of course, you can use it for many times XDXDXD

Here's the look on my eyes.

Looks natural and not dramatic, I can use this lashes everyday XDD

Whole look.

I wonder why I always made a hand gestures like that, and a wink LMAO XDDDDDD -x-

Sharing my random photos in my Android phone XD (using this 14 false lashes too). I'm sure you have see this before if you're add my fb, lol.

Recently, my external hard disk was error and I don't know why -_______- , all my videos at Revlon's event last week is error and I can't open it!! My blog files and my logo files were there too, my anime movies and E-book were there too T_____T"". Aww this is really sucksss, I hope my bf can repair it, I'm soooo sad! ;___;
And you know, my sponsor 'Tomato Shop' said that other online shop is use my picture for their online shop, aww so suck, how can you use other people pictures without permission -__- and the one they use, is the sponsored review one. I think that's really not fair.. right? :/

Thanks for reading ladies, please pray for me, lol, I hope my external hard disk can be repair soon ;__; , so annoying~ =o=. Have a nice day

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