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Monday, March 12, 2012

Geo Xtra WT B87 Review - sponsored by Tomato Shop

Hello ladies!!!≧∇≦)/ How are yaa?? I miss my blog so much! LOL, I can't online for few days because my laptop is somehow work so slow~( ̄ー ̄) damn, hate it! So, I told my bf yesterday to restore the windows to the original condition for me. And now, my laptop is work more faster, yeaaayy~~

ps: And If you realize, I've made a header for my blog XD, what do you think? (///∇//)

Now, I'm back with a Circle lens review which kindly sponsored by Tomato Shop. Tomato shop sell affordable and original Geo lens which based in Indonesia. Check out their site here. This time, it's CUTE PINK contact lens (⌒▽⌒)and the pattern is somehow remember me of the Hurricane series.

Got cute lens case together with every purchase!

The close up look to the lens. See, how attractive the pattern look. ◕ ‿◕

Geo Xtra WTB87
✩ Diameter : 15mm
✩ Made in : Korea
✩ Water Content : 38%
✩ Life Span : 1 year

This is the look on my eyes, this lens is not recommended for daily use. Because, the pattern will look too festive if you don't wear an eye make up. (right-click+new tab to see it more closer).

But, with a suitable make up, this lens look so pretty and cute. Make my eyes look more bigger and I'm pretty happpy because the pink color is showed on my dark eye. XD And it has a black ring on the edge which make my eyes look bigger and more pop when use ◕ ‿◕. This contact lens is nice for a romantic look and match with your pastel oufit.

♥ Comfort : 6/10
About the comfort, this is just like my previous Geo Morning Glory Gray which I reviewed here. The comfort is quite good but feel dry if wear it on AC room for hours. But, for a photo shoot or cosplay, or just a short event, this lens is great.

♥ Color : 8/10
I love Pink color, it's so fun to wear sometimes if I wanna look sweet and more 'anime' feeling. lmao XDD And I love how the color really show on my eyes.

♥ Pattern : 8/10
The circle and swirl pattern is really unique, from far away it looks like a pink circle ring inside your black eyes. Really pretty.

♥ Enlargement : 8/10
This contact lens does give an larger effect on my eyes, it looks dolly and kawaii~~.

Few picture with the lens on. (without flash - room light) trying different hair style with my new handmade bow, :p

If you are living in Indonesia and looking for a contact lens shop with affordable price and original, you can visit Tomato Shop and use coupon code : COMINICA to get a 10% discount.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 

Lately, I'm so addicted with my android phone ≧△≦ , Ive been editing my pictures with the application I download from Android Market, mwahahaha. My fave applications are, shibuya camera, deco pic, pics art, etc. The application is so kawaii~ it's like playing with puri-kura ,but still the number 1 photo editing application is Adobe photoshop XD.

Anywaaayyy, Thanks for reading ladies~~! Recently, I want to make some bows because of Pop Teen March edition, so cute! It always in trend on summer/spring. I always love Bows~(///∇//) Can't hate it! >w< 

and I'm thinking to include it on my giveaway too, hehe this will be a Kawaii giveaway stuff to thank you all of you ladies. I hope you will like it, please don't expect for expensive make up brand, lol I'm not rich ;_; but I'll include few make up stuff too, and I'll add some false lashes (of course!) XD, I'm still preparing all the prizes now, I'm so busy at the moment. -.- Got a Business Logo request from someone (Yeah, I'm Graphic Designer too -_-), and need to make it since I need to be professional. 

Beside of that, there's so many things to do now (My clothing, label tag, packaging, sponsored reviews, etc), I hope I can publish the giveaway as soon as possible. And now, I'm going to a Cosplay Cafe event which held by my sister and her friends, loll, See you!! ^o^/

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