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Thursday, June 28, 2012

HELP: Clear My Skin and Revitalizing My Skin - Recovering my skin!

HELP! Anyone need help for clearer skin too?ヽ(゜Q。)ノ

I WAS! And at that time, Sarah from workswithwater emailed me and asked me to try their product. What a good timing! I RARELY took skin supplement because sometimes I keep forget to take it. But, Sarah was kindly explained about the products to me and that made me interested to try! Beside that, I really need HELP with my skin that time. So, why should I reject it? ◕ ‿◕

She introduced two products to me.
1. Help: Clear Skincontains Praventin™ a clinically proven bioactive protein, rich in lactoferrin, which has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes due to its antimicrobial effects.

What is Praventin? 
Praventin is a natural food supplement that has been shown in clinical trials to help reduce the number and severity of skin blemishes.
Praventin is the active ingredient in help: clear skin and has antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are key in the fight against acne (acne vulgaris).

For more information about Praventin you can check it out here.

To some people, probably they would say my skin is okay. But last month my skin was pretty scary and horrible for me~ Small blemishes were appear on my skin before I use Lioele Ampoule and I didn't know how to get rid of it. o(╥﹏╥)o

You can see how horrible it was in THIS post. I had stop use ALL my whitening skin care product. I only use toner but my skin wasn't get better! It looked more horrible! Dry! Rough! Red! Small blemishes, itch and feel uncomfortable.

I avoid use make up too but my skin still remain the same. I already took HELP: Clear Skin for 1 weeks but I didn't see any change to my skin. 
( ; ; )

THEN I realize something really IMPORTANT. I didn't drink water much that time because of my work. I drink less than what I need.  o(´^`)o

This product IS workswithwater, why I didn't realize it, hahahhahaha. It works with water! So, I started to drink more and more everyday. Eat more healthy food (I try! But that was hard). (¬д¬。)  

And in 14 days my skin was get better! Better and better. It looked clearer day by day. I started to use all my skin care again and my skin was get better and better. I took Help: Clear Skin everyday, 1 sachet each day.

Each box contain 7 sachets.

Simply empty a sachet once daily* into your favourite beverage or soft food (hot or cold), stir until dissolved and look forward to clearer healthier skin in as little as eight weeks.

I consume it for almost 1 month now! Sometimes I skip it because I forget -___- but my skin is still look good. I love it, because I was afraid that my skin will become worst again if I don't consume it. <(_ _)>

And I didn't consume it everyday because I forgot sometimes, but at least I consume it 3-4 times a week.

This product is work slowly but sure. Remember to drink lots of water too! Don't eat oily food and junk food! Skin isn't maintain only from the Outside, like skin care, mask, facial and etc. But also from inside too! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Expensive brand, wide range of skin care aren't useful if you don't maintain your body from inside. If you have done all of that but your skin still remain the same, yeah maybe you need this HELP!. (≧∇≦)/ 

My latest skin condition, took it last week. It's much much better right than my previous post? 8D
My skin condition today was great too! Yeaaayyy~~~ (right click+new tab if you want to see closer)

And now, I don't consume it again because my skin is okay. I still have one more box to keep in case my skin breakout again, hahahaha.

One thing I forgot to tell, this can help reduce acne scars too, lalalala I haven't seen any obvious effect though because I only try it for 1 month. (ノ_ _)ノ 

I really recommend this if you have a problem with acne, but please remember "ONLY CONSUME THIS DOESN'T MAKE YOUR SKIN BETTER". 
You have to take care of your skin too, like my advise before. Not only with skin supplement and Bunch of skin care products but ALSO drink lot of water and your life style affect it too. And this product is to HELP you achieve clear skin, you have to work for it too! o(-`д´- 。)

Remember to take this supplement on your daily basis for maximum result. ◕ ‿◕ 


Next, I'm going to share my thought about HELP: Revitalize My SKin.
2. Help: Revitalize My Skin, combat the signs of ageing with help: revitalise my skin gel supplement, containing 60mg of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - a proven anti-ageing agent & Aloe Vera to aid skin regeneration.

Help: revitalise my skin is a new ready-to-eat gel supplement that looks and taste like an indulgent treat, but is specifically formulated to deliver particular skin benefits. So, it's really easy to eat and doesn't need any effort Hahahaha. Help: revitalise my skin contains skin rejuvenating active ingredients that help slow down the ageing process.

CoEnzyme Q10 can be found in many topical anti-ageing creams as it has both energising and anti-oxidative properties. Scientific research has proven this ingredient is also very effective when taken as an oral supplement . 

For optimal results, take just one help: revitalise my skin gel stick per day.
Each box contain 7 straps.

This product is free from Artificial colours and flavours, suitable for vegetarians and diabetics. You can check the product HERE.

I'm not a teens anymore so I need to consume Anti-aging product right ≧△≦? Hahaha. This gel supplement has an apple flavored taste and the texture is like Jelly.

This gel supplement really easy to eat, just torn the plastic and ready to eat. Sometimes I take it as a snack too, even though it taste a bit weird for me, hahahha. But if cold, it taste better! (*゚ー゚)

This skin supplement's effect, wasn't obvious like the Help: Clear Skin. It can help my skin from aging and rejuvenate my skin. "wrinkles please don't comeeeee ( ゚ Д゚)  "~ lol 
Honestly, because I use anti-aging skin care product, I can't tell that this supplement has any effect now.

I believe this supplement is suppose to Help slowly my skin from aging, so maybe I can see the difference about few years later?

I can proudly say that even though I'm 25 now, I still feel young! XDD HAHAHAHA hate me if you want :P :P :P
I can see fine lines under my eyes though... (ノTДT)
I don't know about 3-5 years later when I reach 30 T_____T, Can I still look young like now? I decided to seriously take skin supplement for anti-aging from now.

It doesn't has quick effect but I do believe they help my skin from aging~

My advise is, if you're older than me like almost reach 30, you can start to consume Natural skin supplement. Sometimes, we're lazy to consume it because we're busy and forget about it. But, you can try to include it in your daily life now. Hehehe, it just my advise lol you don't need to follow it 8D

I don't want to regret later, that's why I didn't mind to try this product. It didn't harm my skin or has any negative effect on my body too. A natural product tend to work slowly than other product because they only use natural ingredients.

If you ask me which product I recommend, I should say the Help: clear skin is obviously help reduce my blemishes and make it look clearer. But If you don't have any problem with blemishes or acne, well you can try Help: revitalize my skin. Why not? It's easy to consume and made from natural ingredients, and can help skin from aging too.

We should start care about our skin, remember we can't cover our flaws with make up forever. A real beauty comes from healthy skin, healthy doesn't mean to be PERFECT though. 

A good skin will make a good make up result, right?

I always say this in my old post about skin care. But I think I need to say it more often now so everyone won't forget about it. Hahahaha XD

But hey, the decision is still yours. I'm just sharing my thought or maybe you have another opinion? Share it to me~

BTW LADIES, I have a GOOD NEWS for anyone who want to purchase this product. 

✩ Sarah had create an ‘Olympic Countdown to Clear Skin’ discount code (OLYMPIC45) with 45 % off the 28 packs of help: clear skin and help: revitalise my skin until 27thJuly.

✩ You can get a present too with your every order, an exclusive pocket mirror so you can admire your radiant complexion wherever you are or a quirky Ion Sport watch so you can keep track of time.

✩ And every order over £45 will be automatically entered into Their prize draw to win a Kindle Fire and will also be entitled to free worldwide delivery.

Interesting right? Please visit their website for more information and testimonial about their products. Thank you~ ^^

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