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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Queenskin Essence Hydro Gel Mask

Have you ever tried Gel Mask before?? This is my first time try a face mask like this and I'm so excited because I'm addicted to Face mask! hohohooho, so this Gel Mask is kindly sent to me by My Konjac Sponge for try(´∀`). This Premium Hydro Gel Mask contained placental extracts which has powerful effects on anti-inflammatory function, whitening and removal of free radicals. Σ(゜д゜;)

This Gel mask nourish skin and protect skin from getting dry. It can rapidly fix or make overall improvements of skin troubles. Extracts from 10 botanical medicinal herbs which are patent substances moisturize skin and keep skin firm. 
Contain Placenta which provides plentiful nourishment to rough skin arising from foreign irritations and 6 herbal extracts complex maintain moisture balance of skin. 

This Gel mask can rapidly eliminates the free radicals of damaged skin to keep it firm. Firm means more youngerrrrrrr skin *Q* *slapped

I was quite shocked when open the mask, I didn't expect the mask would look like Jelly~! HAHA, and it was pain in the ass to apply it onto my face because the mask is so slippery!(T▽T)  After try and try I can finally put it on my face, the sensation is really nice and weird. Lol! I thought this mask would make my face look oily because of the nourishing effect, but it didn't. I pat slowly onto the mask so the essence would absorb faster on my skin XD

SEE the mask was covering my nose, HAHAH I COULDNT BREATH that time XDDD LOL.
I should put the mask first on refrigerator so it would feel fresh! -.-

After use it for 40-50 minutes, I take off the mask from my face. I touched it and my skin feel firm and sooooooft! (o´ω`o) It's not feel too moisturizing and greasy after 30 minutes. My cheek always feels dry and tight if I don't put a skin care after mask. But this time it's not, I think this mask is balance the oil on my skin because my T-zone isn't look oily after 2-3 hours. Is that possible? LOL

As always for the whitening function, I didn't really see anything because my skin is fair. But one thing, my skin is look more brighter in the morning when I wake up, hohoho! There's no miracle product that can make your skin look different and better with just one trial. ヽ(`д´;)ノ

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Firm my skin
✩ Make my skin look more healthy and brighter
✩ Not feel greasy
✩ Balance the oil on my skin

✩ Hard to put it on my face XD because it's slippery, lol

And for your information, this mask is made Jincostech Co., Ltd / Republic of Korea. You can find My Konjac Sponge on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to ask them about this mask if you're interested! Thanks for reading and Stay pretty~!

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