Friday, May 11, 2012

Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Otona Series in Black and comparison

As everyone knows, I'm a fan of Dolly Wink eyelash fix/glue and always recommend it to anyone who looking for eyelash glue (^▽^). You may already know that Dolly wink has released new Eyelash fix in Black. BLACK, yeah finally Dolly wink release the Black version with improved formula. They said this glue is waterproof too! Well, curious?

Packaging :: Compared to old version of Dolly wink eyelash fix, this one is less less cuter but somehow look more professional.

Above - old version
Below - new version in black

The texture of the glue is same like the old series, liquid type but not like paper glue, lol. But, I think the new formula is make the glue dry faster than the old one! And that's mean we don't need to blow hardly or wait too long to stick the false lashes. Right? When the glue is dry, the texture is like a rubber, it's like waterproof liquid eyeliner. hahah really nice XD

I always love the applicator, the precise brush is make it moreee easier for me to apply the glue to the false lashes. I can control the amount of the glue so it's not become messy. Because of the bottle packaging, I don't need to worry if I accidentally press the tube so the liquid is come out too much. With this brush I can apply it more neat and easy. Wohoo (-^〇^-) 

I have tried use those two glue together for hours. The new Eyelash fix in black on my left eye and my right eye use the old Eyelash Fix. At the end of the day, my false lashes still stick on my eyes. But, the inside corner of the false lashes was fell off. lol But just the inner corner ne not a big deal XD

The black glue can be messy to apply if I'm in a rush. lol. And that's what I hate about black glue. There just slightly difference between those two, if you use the white one, it would turn into transparent / no color. So If you want to achieve natural look you should use the white one. The black glue will make the line look more bolder. 
It depend on you personal taste. But, if I could choose now, I want to get the white one instead, hahahahah. Because the glue isn't look visible when I try to make Dome eye look. lol

♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Easy applicator
✩ Dry quickly than the old series
✩ Waterproof

✩ Can be messy if I'm in a rush
✩ Only available online,lol

Price : Vary

I got the Eyelash fix about 16 USD, you can find this product at Artiestyle, they sell many Japanese product there. And you can get 10% discount too if you purchase more than $20 with my code "cominica".
What is your favorite false lashes glue??

Tomorrow noon I'm going to make another photo session for my brand Cominica Couture, I really hope I could finish all the things for Comicou soon so I can start uploading picture to the page! Please help support the Facebook and Twitter. (-^〇^-)
Do you think I need a website for Comicou?
I'm thinking to make one, but still find the way to make it. Haahahah @__@

Btw, Thanks for all birthday wishes ladies~~ 。◕‿◕。 ! Can't reply it one by one, but really thank you so much~(。┰ω┰。)!!  Have a great weekend! 


Christanath said...

it seems worth to try! :D
good luck for comicou ^^

christanath's beauty blog 

美亜 said...

I use the clear dolly wink glue too xD;; I used to use Duo but the tube was just tricky..sometimes it makes a big mess if you accidentally squeeze too much :( I prefer having a small wand to spread the glue with!
I think I would prefer the clear one over the black version too! I'm too messy at applying false lashes and the black would make it too obvious XD

NaTT SS said...

WOW WOW!! Comi! Is really useful this post for me now! hahaha

Just now I'm thinking about the white or  black version! >.<
I think taht I'll purchase de classic white! This fixer is really good, I wanna prove the "Koji" fixer.. seems that is really good, but is more slow to dry ToT Do you tested it too?_?
Tons of kisses dear!

sahar awan said...

looks good adhesive I am not so good in applying falsies 

Annie said...

My fav lash glue is definitely DUO. The packaging sucks though like 
美亜  said and it's pretty pricey... I've bought a cheap Koji one now that I haven't tried yet. I actually hate the pink Dolly Wink glue, never worked for me -.-

Gabriella Olivia said...

me too! i love dolly wink eyelash fix, esp the white one.
yes, please do make one! i'd love to see and *maybe* buy your collection. they must be really kawaii :D 

Danielle Rianna Carter said...

I always seem to use too much glue (╯︵╰,) I must practice more! This is really helpful and that website is too (。♥‿♥。)

THT Christina said...

I like my lash glue now, and black doesn't dry clear so if you make a mistake.. >.< haha

Nana said...

I think this is pretty nice! : D I like the new one as well! : D 

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Ah the glue seems pretty nice! I have to say though that white glue is more forgiving. ^^ I think I should pick up some dollywink glue.

Isabel said...

I prefer 'white' over black too cos I'm such a clutz when applying my falsies

Ashari Puspita Dewi said...

whether the black glue can use to eyeliner? btw the new header is kawaii ^^

MissFeelo said...

Yes! Make a website for Comicou!! I would definitely follow.

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