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Monday, April 09, 2012

A sunny Day and High Knee Socks from kkcenterhk (pictures spam)

I always love Sunny day than Rainy day (*´▽`*), Sun always make my day more brighter and cheer up my mood. Last saturday, I was going to lunch with my bf at Sushi restaurant. I was wearing a high knee sock that day, got weird stared everywhere I walked. I don't care about what they think as long I'm happy, and it JUST a sock! hahahhaha!

Wearing a high knee sock make me feel like a student, lol, but I love it because I think they're cute. On the way to the restaurant, I asked my bf to capture one picture of me. But, I think my pose is really weird here. XDDDDD 

Beware because this post will contain many pictures of me (≧∇≦)v

I ate soo many until I was full. I didn't capture the food because I was lazy and basically I always eat my favorite menu there. My bf was took some pictures of me again there, HAHAHAHA He know I love it XD I madly love my hair color here, the weather was really good!! ^O^

I don't curl my hair for one week, I'm afraid ruining my hair. My hair need a rest XD

My sock, this sock is kindly sponsored by kkcenterhk, check out the product HERE.

Cute right? :D

When came back to my home, I bring Happi for a walk. Happi was really happy that day! Aww, I love him so much, even though he is so spoilled and naughty XD

walking and posing, wtf XDDD 



High knee sock makes me look short, ahahahhaha, but so kawaii ^O^

with my boyfriend, hahahahahhahahaha and happi XD

Have a lovely Monday Ladies~~!!!! ^O^/

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