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Saturday, February 04, 2012

My Favorite Make Up products

Hello~ Hello~ ladies  (≧∇≦)/~!! I want to share my favorite make up products at the moment.

1. Eye Make Up Remover - Biore Make Up Remover Eye & Lip
Removes all eye make up!! So delicate and doesn't irritate my eyes.

2. Blush - Canmake Cream Cheek number 8
Soft and cute pink color, nice for everyday blush! Stay long and easy to blend with a flat top brush.

3. False Lashes - Dolly Wink no.1 - Dolly Sweet
This is My favorite upper lashes at the moment. Number 2 is Dolly wink no. 2 Sweet Girly. This false lashes is look so natural and so soft, can be use for many many times! I've use this pair for more than 10 times and still looks good, isn't it? ^^

4. Lower False Lashes - Dolly Wink no.6 - Baby cute

Makes my eyes look really dolly, you can apply it to your eyes what ever you like. On the edge or full like my picture. This is really nice for gyaru look or cosplay. ^^, I've order a new box of this eyelash again! Need to re-stock!

5. Eyelash Glue - Dolly wink eyelash fix
Best I've ever use until now, but not waterproof! I'm still waiting for my Otona series glue to come, can't wait to try it out!

6. Eyelid tape - I don't remember the brand but I hope you can see the shape @_@
I use this to make my eye lid look the same, for a gyaru look or cosplay and for make my eyelid look bigger.

7. Base bb - Lioele Dollish veil vita BB
Makes my face look brighter, smoother and ready for the next step! Even out my skin tone.

8. BB Cream - Lioele Tripple the solution
Best bb cream I've ever use until now, has a healing properties which is work on me. GREAT coverage, doesn't make me break out and itch! I'll review this and the dollish vita bb one by one.

9. Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
My favorite eyeliner, natural black color and waterproof! I love K-palette and dolly wink too beside this eyeliner.

10. Liquid Foundation - Revlon Color Stay
Cover my imperfection and stay on my skin for a long time~~! Nice oil control and coverage. (I'll review this soon).

11. Lip Concealer - SANA
Easy to use, nicely blend and doesn't make my lips dry!

12. Two way foundation/powder - ZA Skin Beauty
Smooth finish and doesn't make me break out. Stay for hours and doesn't make my nose look oily.

I'll make the review about the Lioele and Revlon as soon as possible. Thanks for reading ladies~! Hope you enjoy this post, see ya~~! Have a nice weekend! (*´▽`*)ノ

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