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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mr Curry Grand Indonesia, FOTD, lotsa pictures!

Hello Ladies!!(≧∇≦)/, How was your weekend?? Yesterday, I went to Mr Curry at Grand Indonesia for lunch with my bf, sister and brother. This Japanese Curry house interior is really cute and they have many selection for Curry Rice. I forgot to capture the menu but here's other things that I captured there.

12.000 idr but you can re-fill this Ocha.

Yuuummmmm (///∇//) 

We ordered a different menu, I had a wobble to my self when choose the menu because all dish look so good and tempting! Then, I decided to order Cod Roe Omelette Curry Rice. And my bf ordered Chicken Mushroom Omelette Curry Rice, my brother ordered Chicken Katsu Curry Rice and My sister ordered a Doria, I forgot the name but it look like a baked rice with cheese and beef burger. I ordered a Salmon Pizza too but they were wrong gave us there.

After that, after I took this picture it looks like their waitress is realize that this is not the right dish and they grab it away ⊙▽⊙ and change it with the real dish which we

Look alike? Yeah! The different is this one is Salmon and above is chicken. (゜∀゜)

After all dish came out, we start to ate, it's soo nice (///∇//). This is my Cod Roe Omelette. The curry sauce is melt into my mouth with the tender Japanese rice and soft omelette. yumm yummm~~

This is my bf Chicken Mushroom

My bro Chicken Katsu

Forgot to capture my sister dish because she was already eat it Σ(゜д゜;).

After that, we walked to Magnum Cafe but it so many people there! So we decided to have our dessert at Cream Fudge Factory, I ordered a French Vanilla ice cream and Green Tea.

We walked around and I want go buy a False Lashes (again), so we went to Seibu. And I don't see any lashes type that I want so I bought Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix instead, aww I was so happy my bf bought me this, hehehe (///∇//) 

This brand is really addicted >__

I think I forgot to show something, lol my FOTD that day *slapped my self
This pictures was captured on car while we went to Grand Indonesia, Jakarta's traffic is so scary and I was really bored so I just cam-whoring at that moment (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o. This FOTD was inspired by Kanno Yui a really beautiful gyaru with her natural look and cute smile.Okay, I tried to smile more that day and find that I don't look really bad with a smile. LOL, because I always afraid to show my teeth, I feel weird.

fang O__O

more cam-whoring to come, please skip if you don't want to see, puahahahha (ノTДT)

yay! so happy, didn't forgot to post with this, try to mimic tsu-chan pose, wtf *Fail

After took bunch of useless photos, I re-touched my eye make up again and try to add a long false lashes on the edge of my eyes (the one from kkcenterhk here) and add bottom lashes (include in my mini giveaway).

see the difference? I crop this from my random photos. I love this falsies extention! And so I cam-whoring again!! Σ(゜д゜;) wtf, lol I CAN'T stop!!

again?with dolly wink (゜∀゜), try to mimic tsu-chan lips but Fail (#゜皿゜)

feel familiar with this pose? LOL yeah I mimic tsu-chan when she's holding her lipgloss. *lame

smile again, scary or no? -_-

That day, I tried to curl my hair too, My mom bought me a new hair curler weeks ago and I want to try it! I did this hair for almost one hour! T__T hate my thick hair ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ. I want to trim my hair but currently want to enlongate my hair so I don't have a ball to do it! *like I have one  (゜∀゜)
I don't use a curling spray before, so the result is bit loose already *darnn it

I love this curl, it add volume to my hair but not make my hair like old granny, puahahahah (≧∇≦)o , because this is bit loose my face don't look fat. (///∇//), after cam-whoring yesterday suddenly my brother said that we want go to dinner, Whaatt?? I'm lazy to remove my make up and went like this. My mom said, "what are doing with that make up??and.. hair.." with this face (ーー;) , lol but it's not really heavy seriously and I didn't care just went like this, feel like many ppl starring at me (°Д°;≡°Д°;) *overacting

This is what I use for my FOTD

click for review :: haven't review all of them (;´ρ`)

ღ SANA Maiko Han Base
ღ SANA Maiko Han Foundation
ღ SANA Maiko Han Powder
ღ Skinfood Fruit Bunch Box
ღ ZA Plumper gloss
ღ Etude house color me nude
ღ Koji eyelash fix clear (not waterproof)
ღ Daiso automatic eyebrow
ღ Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (greaat eyeliner,will make this review soon!)
ღ Majolica majorca cream liner
ღ Heated eyelash curler

Thanks for reading ladies! I haven't posting this two days and reply some comment coz my laptop is broken and now it has fix *fiuhhh so I can make a post again. I'll reply to all of you soon and a reminder of my mini giveaway. Join if you haven't! (`∀´)ノ

Thanks for reading and stay healthy everyone! ( ・∀・)v

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