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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Mini Giveaway! Check it out and Please Join ^-^


Hellooo my lovely blogger friends! (≧∇≦)/! Thanks for always support me by reading and comment on my post, I really really appreciate it! So, to thank all of you, I want to hold a Mini Giveaway here. I really want to make a bigger giveaway with more prices but this is all I have now. So hope you like my prizes >‿<.

I'll be giving this 5 brand new different style of Falsies. This all are my favorites for natural look and I purchased it by my self except the one from kkcenterhk, I want to share to you this kkcenterhk soft falsies so I included it on this giveaway. And beside of that, I want to include my handmade hairband, this is a brand new and I never use it before. Then, a (sachet) Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Mask, (sachet) Baviphat Grape (Anti-Wrinkle) mask, (sachet) Baviphat Strawberry toxifying mask and a samples of Etude Fresh Cherry tint in Pink. Hope you all like it, sorry it's not much  (///w//) 

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY! Yeaaaayyyy~~ So everyone can join  (///∇//)/

To join this giveaway You must be my follower on My Blog, via Google Friend Connect. (you can see it on my side bar)
so, if you don't have one Please make it, it's really easy ≧△≦

okay, so many ppl asking me about Google Friend Connect, it's very easy! all you need, is go to -

then find this button
click Get Started and make your account, after that go to my blog and find this rabbits box.

And click Join this site to follow my blog ^O^)/ .very easy isn't it? :)

Additional Entries::
1. LIKE my Facebook Page. (+2 entry)

2. Share my giveaway on facebook and mention @cominica blog - かわいい 愛 の世界 (+1 entry)

3. Post my giveaway on your blog (+2 entries)
4. Put my banner on your side bar or blog. (+1 entries)

5. Follow my twitter!/cominicaleni (+1 entry)
6. Tweet about my giveaway and mention me. (+1 entry)

So, If you have done all of them you have total 8 entries. I'll input your name randomly not sequentially so you have more chance for winning. ^w^

The winners will be randomly selected on on September 13, 2011
and once again, International and domestic participants are welcome.

Sorry for those small prizes, I hope all of you like it.
Thanks for joining! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ and don't forget to spread the words! ^-^

please include your email on GFC box, I forgot to write it -.-".
And you may comment on this post saying you're in or something.
Thank you so much everyone~

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