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Monday, May 30, 2011

HAUL And Swatches

Holla ladies!
Girls always love haul don't they? (*´▽`*)

My latest haul~
This is from Beauty Credit! Yeah~
My currently favorite (⌒▽⌒)

(emulsin, toner, skin shower)
Acnever Series (It's not mine, I only use the essence
If pimples appears).

Samples! The SA is quite nice that day! lol

My favorite cotton mask!

And I got a member card from Beauty Credit~
I got 10% disc on skin care an 5% disc on Make up
every purchase.
And extra 25% disc on my birth day!
The member name is use my sister's name,
 coz her bday is on December! 
Can't wait until December for shopping there again ~(`▽´*)
Girls are just love bargain! ( ̄□ ̄;)

And haul from my near hypermarket last week.
This eyeshadow quad is my local brand.
It's so pigmented and cheap!
This pallete is just $ 3.

I was not using any base coz I forgot.

Haul from my local hypermarket yesterday.

Left : Pixy Eyeshadow Alluring Garden. $ 2.8
It's my local brand with license from Mandom Japan.

Right : Mustika Ratu Eyeshadow Smara Bumi $ 5.5
My local skin care n cosme brand.

Nice and cute colours~

withour flash

with flash (btw I was using base on right)

 Mustika Ratu Smara Bumi.
Earthy Colours~
So wearable and pigmented.
But the green one, has less pigment than other colours.

I'm so happy I can find such quality eyeshadow
with cheap price at my local brand!

Thanks for reading~

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