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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

**Korean Wig Look**

Here's what i look like using my mono wig.
Yesterday i posted, my korean wig haul.
And i'm going to show you my picture using that wig Pixel Icons at Ego Box

The seller told me, that this mono wig is
look like a real hair and doesn't shine.
But it's totally a lie
my family said that it looks really fake Photobucket
but my sis said that it's quite good
but still... u can say that im wearing a wig

just take a look,

my 1st wig, color is black and the curl is on the bottom.
personally i don't hate this wig, i like it but its kinda look fake.
and my face is wide so i look a lil weird using this wig.

2nd wig.
actually i bought this wig, coz im going to use it
on my cousin wedding party.
its shiny and loooookk really fake.
is not that bad in picture though.but im still sad.

What do you think gurls??

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