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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haul and Last weekend

Lately, i update my blog again... well kinda busy now :(
Last saturday, i went to the Mall with my sister.
Actually, we just want to buy a few mini jars,
curly roll(ppl says 'sosis roll') and a pouch to place my skin care~

Every week, i need to move in and move out from my
houses @Regency and @Lippo Village~
Well, we'll move in to LV in August perhaps :D.
So, i need a pouch to place all my stuff there =.=
or it'll be so messy.

And i found a really cute and cheap jars!
It's only 4.900 idr for the small jar and
5.900 for the big jar~
I think I rather bought this than a ordinary white jar.

and this is only 18.000 idr

Then we went to and bought a fro.yo~
I bought the medium size and they give me 1 more free topings~
The topping's are blueberry, longan and chocoflakes.
I didn't like the chocoflakes~
Blueberry and longan were my favorite all the time.

And of course!
We did take a picture~ :p

Have a nice day laddies!



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