Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Food Memories~~~

Here's are some picture of my favorite food~
I really regret why im not take picture of all food
that i had eat on my past~ :(
so enjoyyy~~~
Just have pasta's and sushi's here~
Ohh i really miss korean food!!! :(

this is i took when im eating this with my bf @pancake parlour~
so yummy~~

This is quite simple but really delicious~!!
This named Spicy Salmon.

This one is my favorite!!!
Pure raw salmon, tuna n white fish~
Named Cocktail Sashimi :)

This half shell dynamite is really tempting~
It has an unique sauce that comes with scallop and mushroom.

Irashimase Roll
This is contain Tuna, Kani and it's special sauce!!! :D

Flaming Salmon!!!
Half baked and really yummieeee~~

Sunshine Roll. I dunno why they called this like that.
lol, this is quite dellicious too~ :)

Tuna Salad
Raw Tuna with lot of mayo~

Half raw Tuna with special sauce~
Not so yummy but my bro like it.
Named Tuna Tataki.

Eruption Roll
Taste like dynamite shell XD

Fuji Roll!!!!
Really yummy~ and cute :D

Do you feel hungry?


Creamymilk said...

pancake parlour dimana c len?

fleurrainy said...

di supermall karawaci sheyl~
pna pegi gag?
hahaha :D
enak loh pastanyaaaa, apalgi fruit saladnyaaa~
wah gue suka banget tuhh

CreamyMilk said...

haiyaahhh.. jauuhh.. -.-!!
gw jarang bgt ke daerah2 sono..
penampakannya bikin ngilerr bangett..

kalo gw kesono traktir yah.. :p
anggep aja gw tamu dari tempat jauh yg datang berkunjung..
hwahaha.. :p

fleurrainy said...

emang rumah lo daerah mana krimm?
iaaaaa deh tapi bilang" dulu yah klo mau dateng :p

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