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Monday, November 12, 2012

My New Hair Color with Beauty Labo

Hello Ladies (*´▽`*)!! if you follow me on instagram/twitter/facebook, you should know that recently I changed my hair color a bit. Actually, I'm lazy to make this post *slapped but since so many people asked me about my new hair color, I'm going to share it with you now.(///∇//)

My latest hair color was on this post. The color is Milk Tea brown color with my 3 tone ombre hair, this is how my hair look that time.

So, after wash my hair several times, it turn a bit yellow-orange like this, mwahahahhaha. Took during my trip in Singapore (I miss Sing already ≧△≦, maybe I can consider to work in there XD)

Then, few days before touch up my hair. 
took with my dslr

took with my sgnote

Ha, actually I didn't hate this color but I was bored(゜∀゜) and want to change my hair color a bit. So, I use  Beauty Labo Milk Caramelisee to re-dye my hair. I see the advertisement A LOT on Popteen back then and that made me curious to try it. I'm glad I bought this color because I want to get rid the orange/yellow tone on my hair.

Unlike Liese which is very easy to mix the mixture, this one is a bit pain in the ass because the color comes in powder Σ(゜д゜;). And I need to shake it like hell, hahaha it was hard because after 1 hard shake the texture inside the cup was already change to thick and creamy foam o(´^`)o

And I tried so bad to mix the unmixed powder inside the cup to the creamy mixture, HAHAHAHA. You should see my sister face when she was easily dye her hair with LIESE in front of my eyes and I was jumping like crazy (¬д¬。). If the mixture isn't well mixed, your hair will turn out blue on some side -_- 

This is what I got inside the cup, a solution, dye powder, gloves and conditioner.

Before dye with beauty labo, I bleached my root first with palty hair bleach ahhahahahaha. I don't want my root turn out too dark. So, this is the result. At first, I didn't like how it turn out lol but I receive many compliments about my new hair, hehe thank you ladies~(///∇//)

My hair turn out like gradient of ash brown to milk tea brown and blonde, hahaha I still leave my hair ombre because I love it so much!o(≧▽≦)o
ps : I wasn't naked! X'D I wore a tube dress that night, LOL. *slapped

I will wait after wash my hair few times and I will update it on my instagram/twitter/facebook. I'm sure the color will change, nyehehehhe. Well, that's all about my new hair, I hope you enjoy this post. >‿<
I got a lot question about my hair care, I promise I'll post about it. But, probably the end of this month. Hahaha, I got a lot products to post first I'm sorry~ You'll love the products though, because all of them are super cute ヾ(☆▽☆)!!!

Thanks for reading ladies, have a nice day! (≧∇≦)/

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