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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

random haul & maxgrowth lashes serum & FOTD


My random haul, including maxgrowth serum.

There's an ipod classic+crystal case from my hubby
I really want ipod classic since my ipod nano was gone Photobucket
i'm so happy ^^
Then a pink philips air wear to match my pink laptop,

I really love this headphone, it's fully adjustable and it's cushioned earshells
is really comfortable even if i wear it for hours.
It sounds so nice too!

Well, there's many good review about this eyelash serum.

"Maxgrowth premium, incredibly growth, defined & shaped,
your lashes seem to go on forever", written on the package.
And it says "each bottle is for 7 days consumption 
and you'll see a prominent result
after one bottle application".

Hmm, seems promising~
Many ppl says in just 14 days you'll see a difference and 
you need to use all of the serum in 14days.
I'll post the result after 14 days with my before application lashes.

Let's see if this work!

maxgrowth dermafleece

the brush

Can't wait for the result

Some my recently haul.

fake lashes, hairpins and jars.

nail art stickers, hair rubbers, and MUJI cleansing oil.

And here;s my FOTD today 

zoom in

oh yeah, i forgot to curl my real lashes here.
sorry no tutorial, coz i was in a rush this morning,
i hope i can make a tut next time if i have time 

(btw i already used maxgrowth for 4 days)

with roses

what i used:

TBS day cream Aloe
MUFE HD Primer
Missha PC #21
EDM Base Buff Fair Neutral
EGM HD Powder
EDM Blush in carmindy

Vov teal gray e/s
Maybeline magnum macara
Etude Oh my eyeline in black
Revlon color stay eyeliner
Etude house white pearl eyeliner

Etude house DD Gloss (forgot the number)

 Lol, thanks for reading sweetie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day !! *updated

Happy Valentine's day~~~

Pixel Icons at Ego BoxVals day, its a full of love day for me Photobucket
I went for lunch with my boyfriend on Benton Junction
at my fav sushi restaurant "Daichi".
It's almost a week since the last time i got there,
because its near from my house,
its about once a week, i always come to Daichi. 
The owner & waitress remember me

Sushi and sashimi, so yummy!Photobucket
U should visit here if you like sushi/sashimi.
This is my fav sushi restaurant beside Sushi Tei & Kiyadon Photobucket
I always ordered salmon sashimi & sake don here,
Sake don is bowl sushi rice topped with tobiko and few slices of salmon

Beside of that i should recommend you
Cawan mushi and spicy tuna rock and roll, (a must)
its sooo yummie !! Photobucket

Well, my bf always ordered volcano roll and crunchy roll,
it's his favorite! and spicy tuna rock and roll too. (all ppls fave)

I wore a match pink polo shirt with my bf yesterday 
My bf praise my look that day. Photobucket
im so happie and shy. LOL

This is some picture of me

After lunch, we walk to a mall near there.
I wanna buy a new wallet for my bf for vals gift,
And we spent times looking for it.

I bought 3 brushes at debenhams.
There are blending brush, lid brush and a pack of e/s brush.
This brushes are quite good and cheap.

after that, i accompanied my bf to buy a music cd

We watched movie too, 'The Mechanic'

i lovee that movie! Jason statham just look like
Bruce Wilis (when he was younger, lol).
So hot! LOL (don't kill me hun Photobucket)
There's many action too in that movie!

ratings : 4.5 out of 5

Here's my stories ended!

PhotobucketHope, all of you have a lovely vals day! Photobucket

Btw, recently my BF just came and give me a gift! 

pink roses! it;s real :3

and my wishlist books!

Hehe, thanks huniyyy~
love ya~

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 11, 2011

Barbie Diamond Lens Review

Here's a review of my new barbie eye lens. I purchased A Diamond blue(aqua) one, and i really love the pattern!

It comes with a cute packaging, but its not really useful, hahahahahah

i captured it with flash in my room
this is the packaging, cute?

i moved it to a hipopo case. Because it's more hygiene and easy to clean! LOL

diamond look!looveee it.

what do you think?
I love this lens pattern, it makes my eyes looks teary and shiny! But, look unnatural, hahahah so obvious Im wearing a circle lens but who cares la! lol!

diameter: 17.5mm
water content: 42%
comfort : 9/10
color : 6/10 (the blue color doesn't really stand out)
pattern : 10/10

The bad things :
After use for 3 months, the lens isn't comfortable to use again.
Drying sometimes.

repurchase? maybe, i wanna try the black one/the green one. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Thanks for reading gals~!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fake Lashes from Japan (detail)

! someone request me to take a picture of my new fakelashes.
And i gotta share it with all of youu .

1st Decorative Eyelash
i'm gonna use this to my friend wedding.
this lashes is ideal for feminine look.

2nd Actress Eyelash
this lashes looks more dolly,
i'll use this to my cousin wedding next month.
Hope i can post the look here

3rd Decorative Eyelash in value pack

These lashes are for your bottom eyelash,
i choose more natural look, coz i never use
a bottom fakelashes before.


I got a great deal at those lashes. I purchase it at a midnight sale, i got 20% + 20% discount. These lashes has a good quality so i think i can use it again, hihi.

I wanna try out dolly wink eyelashes, but it's hard to find in my country.
There's a online shop which sell it, its around 15$, but the no.1 series is always OOS. BLEH!
I don't know it's expensive/cheap, but i'm looking for someone who sell it more cheaper.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Recent Haul & Cosplay

Hei! I've been so busy last year, have no time for update. Busy with life!

Recently i just bought few stuff after chinese new year. Not much.

There are wonder eyelid (since my eyelid pretty small), fake lashes, maybelline magnum mascara, revlon color stay eyeliner, make up forever hd primer (pink), make up forever lash fibers.

I already tried wonder eyelid this afternoon and its definitely look natural.
(I try to make my double eyelid look bigger), but it's messy, since its my 1st time using this product. but practice makes perfect,isnt it? =w=
You need to try this if you have a mono eyelid.! 
you gotta loovveee it!
sry i can't upload any picture,  coz i was in a hurry when im using this.

For the hd primer, yeah, it really last long. (i use it for 8 hours today) The purple one (which i bought), its for add radiance. the texture really soft and easy to apply n absorb. my skin looks healthy and my redness become unseen..
but my acne scars still there, well i didnt use concealer. If u have lots of redness, i think u should try the green one.

The Lash Fibers, i tried it at the MUFE counter. (note: i already putted mascara at home), it works on my really short eyelashes, lengthen just a lil
I should try it on my bare lashes other time.

this is my fotd that day, just a lil make up. before went to my relative home n mall. Just simple look, haha I look more younger with natural look. hehe

see how short my lashes are.
I want to buy Maxgrowth - serum for lashes. see if it works on me.
Hope i can make a review of it!


I wanna share my random cosplay photos. #fail
please don't laugh if you think it doesn't suit me.LOL

me as curapica from Hunter X Hunter

me as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji

thanks for reading

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