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Monday, February 06, 2012

Barbie Eye (Princess) Lace Black

Hello ladies! Today, I'm excited to share my thoughts on these super black and big circle lenses. I got these lenses a few months back, though honestly, I can't quite remember why. Maybe it was because they were affordable. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of black circle lenses as they tend to make me look a bit childish and, well, a tad odd. Maybe it's because my eyes are on the smaller side. Anyway, let's dive into the review!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Easy Ulzzang eye make up tutorial for newbie

Hello pretty ladies and girlsss (≧∇≦)/  , as promised I'll post a ulzzang make up tutorial now. But first, let we talk first what Ulzzang is. 

Ulzzang means best face in Korean languange. Usually wear black circle lens and wear natural make up, but not all ulzzang wearing black circle lens. There're usually edit their pictures in psp/haduri application, most of them already had a surgery, either eye or nose.

You don't need any surgery lah to become ulzzang, just play with little make up you can have a best face too! 

Everyone has their own make up style so you can't just say Ulzzang make up is only 1 style. So, everyone has their own Ulzzang isn't it? Everyone has their own best face and can become an Ulzzang, not only Korean lah.  It just that terms is so popular there and spread arround now and many Ulzzang are so famous in internet.

I'm going to show you my ulzzang make up, don;t expect more okay coz I everyone has their own style ulzzang and here's mine. And honestly I'm not really into ulzzang style now coz some of them look really fake, I mean a really giant iris will not look proportional to your total look, but it depends on people taste, hehe. and I'll try my best to make it look natural and not over. 
I don't use a black circle lens, I use my favorite green contact lens instead. I don't really like a flat black one coz everyone said I look like ghost in Juon movies if I wear black circle lens (●`3´●)  LOL 

So, let's start! (///∇//)

1. Color your brows, I use an automatic pencil in this look.

I use the brow brush to soften the color, I don't like bold eye brows ( ̄~ ̄;)

2. Put on a base, any base will do. I choose a shimerry water base (OPERA moist eye), for Indonesia ppl you can find this at Matahari DPS.

 3. Put a white or beige eyeshadow all over your eyes and brow bone.

 4. Put a brown eyeshadow on your eyelid. I'll only use 1 e/s color in this look.

 5. 5. Put an eyeliner, since my right eye and left eye isn't same so I need to make the eyeliner a lil different so when I open my eyes it look the same.  (ノTДT)

 done with both eyes, i make it more upside so my eyes will look more bigger.
 when open it, look my eyes isn;t has a same size  (ノTДT)  (ノTДT)

 6. Put a white eyeliner on your water line and inner corner of your eye. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Remember, don't do it too much!

 7. Put a black eyeliner on your lower eye, just on the outer V corner.

8. Put a brown eyeshadow and blend it with the below eyeliner and white eyeliner, so it look more natural.

9. Find a natural falsies to use, I use the cross design (the one i bought at Daiso). Put it on your upper lashes.

 10. Curl it together with your natural lashes and put some mascara.

 11. Put some mascara on your lower lashes, just a little don't make it dramatic.I'm not going to use lower lashes since this isn't gyaru eyes make up >‿<.

12. The eye make up is done! so easy huh? Now, use a brown and light eyeshadow make a soft nose shading.

13. Use a natural pink or peach blush if you like and shading your face if you want.
And it's finish! Cam-whoring time (☆ω☆*)

LOL, do you like this look? am I look Fake?? Σ(゜д゜;)  loll, This 15mm contact lens seems too big for a natural look, but since this is an ulzzang look i think it's okay.hehe. I'm so into gyaru make up now so it's a little hard to do this tutorial, hope you like it okay. It's so easy, everyone can do it! Just try it ( ・∀・)v

Feel free to ask me okay, I don't bite (#゜皿゜)  (#゜皿゜) 

Thanks for reading and staaayy pretty!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Geo Xtra WT-A03 Green 15mm Review

HELLOOO! *excited with no reason* (≧∇≦)/
I'm so excited coz many people been asking bout this lens since the first time I wear it.
No everyone lah, just people who interested with contact lens.
So, I made this review and shaaree with all of you ladies, this lens is so pretty!
Really, I love the pattern and everything about it!
I've been using this lens for month, almost every week, it looks natural in room light, not over, and make my eyes look catty and big. love it! love it! >‿<

Now, I'm going to share 4 pictures of me wearing this contact lens in different eye make up.

What do you think?? Love it or Hate it? haha

♔ LOVE ♔ 
☆ make my eyes big
☆ cat effect
☆ it's not look so fake
☆ comfort

♔ HATE ♔ 
☆ dry in air conditioner room

☆ Comfort : 8/10
☆ Pattern : 10/10 (i really love this pattern)
☆ Enlargement : 9/10
☆ Color : 10/10

I really love this lens, can't think say anything anymore, just grab this contact lens if you love it too! Hurry~~~~ and tell me! ◕ ‿◕

Thanks for reading ladies! Hope it helps ⊙▽⊙
I'll post a tutorial soon, just a simple one for ppl who new to make up. hehe well i'm not expert though, but I want to make a tutorial since it's the highest on the vote. Please support me okay, Love you all!  (///∇//)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Barbie Diamond Lens Review

Here's a review of my new barbie eye lens. I purchased A Diamond blue(aqua) one, and i really love the pattern!

It comes with a cute packaging, but its not really useful, hahahahahah

i captured it with flash in my room
this is the packaging, cute?

i moved it to a hipopo case. Because it's more hygiene and easy to clean! LOL

diamond look!looveee it.

what do you think?
I love this lens pattern, it makes my eyes looks teary and shiny! But, look unnatural, hahahah so obvious Im wearing a circle lens but who cares la! lol!

diameter: 17.5mm
water content: 42%
comfort : 9/10
color : 6/10 (the blue color doesn't really stand out)
pattern : 10/10

The bad things :
After use for 3 months, the lens isn't comfortable to use again.
Drying sometimes.

repurchase? maybe, i wanna try the black one/the green one. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Thanks for reading gals~!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Geo XCK105 Dolly Black Lens Review and Circle Lens Haul

Yaay, finally my new Geo lens coming~ ^O^ All this lenses are not mine, mine is only 1 pair, Super nudy brown. 2 of this lenses are my sister's, and the rest are her friend's.
There are nudy blue, nudy brown, magic circle, super nudy grey and super nudy brown.
Geo Medical Lens from Korea


Nudy Brown

Nudy Blue

Super nudy Grey

As you can see, nudy brown(14mm) and super nudy brown(14.8mm) has a big difference. Nudy brown which has a more nude color and super nudy brown which the colour is more darker than nudy brown.

I haven't try super nudy brown, but I think the comfort is same as super nudy grey which I have.


Geo Super dolly black

This black circle lens has 14.7mm diameter.
code XCK 105

See the difference? It's huge!

updated:Here's my random pictures when wearing this circle lens.

This lens is make your eyes look more bigger, black and dolly look. You can put make up on to make it more uljjang look. But, be careful to not look like alien 8D
This lens is kinda thick than Super nudy lens, but still comfortable. I always use contact lens while i was watching movie in the cinema, and It still okay.

Overall rating:
Comfort : 8/10
Color : 9/10 (very black)
Design : 8/10


Today, finally I was eating at Soto Haji Mamat again!! I was sick from last two days and it was really bad. Im lazy to go to a doctor, but I felt so so sick and finally went to a doctor. It's more better now.
Soto Haji Mamat is located at Gading Serpong.
Imagine how delicious is this?? yuummmmmm! It's like stir-fry meat with onion and a bowl of soto soup with coconut milk. It was sooo goood!!! I eat everything, HAHA!

After that, My BF went to cut his hair and bought a cup of frozen yogurt. Then we sat and talked about our wishlist, lol. Looks like my wishlist is won, because I really want many things right now.

This is the place where we talked. It was really peaceful there.

Frozen yogurt, luv it! Lovely dessert. But I didn't eat it today coz my throat didn't feel well.

Posing, with no make up on :p just wore casual t-shirt that day, hahahhahahah
My hubby! with his new hair, lol.  His old hair was look like Justin Bieber!wtf XD

Thanks for reading!

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