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Thursday, February 05, 2015

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Speak Louder

Hey ladies, I'm back with a make up review again. I just finished some projects so I managed to bloggin before I sleep. Btw, I'm not really a fan of MAC but I find they have wide selections of Lipstick's color and that makes me excited.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick 1

I always prefer lip tint / tint lip balm for my everyday make up because it's easier and quicker to apply and of course looks more natural. But I want to add some new Lipstick colour to my make up collection like deep red or violet. At first, I was eyeing at YSL Lipstick than MAC because the packaging looks prettier lol.(๑ ิټ ิ)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

Hello everyone (/^▽^)/ , now I'm going to share about this Moisture Lipstick from Holika Holika. Yeah, another Holika-Holika review today! So, my sponsor ZaturaShop sent these products for me for review purpose. When received the package, I was really happy when saw the pink packaging!(´∀`)♡

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lancome L'absolu Rouge and Juicy Tubes Review and Look

Hello Ladies!! Another post for today!, haha, I got a travel gift from Lancome on this event, and yesterday I tried the lipstick and lipgloss. There's 4 items inside, Juicy Tubes, L'absolu rouge (travel size), Virtous Mascara and a Perfume. I've tried the mascara and quite like it, the perfume is smell so nice too~ make me feel more feminine LMAO. However, what I'm going to review today is the L'absolu Rouge and Juicy Tubes. At the first time I saw the color, I was like "wow.. Red!" because I rarely use bright/bold lip color. But I don't have any red lip gloss so I'm pretty excited to try it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(FAIL)Look : inspired by Christina Aguilera

I reeaaaallly want to make this look loong time ago! But I was not confident back then, coz I love X-tina so much and afraid I'll RUIN her look and yeah I do!

So, with my not-so-good make up skill, I try to make by looked at her picture on burlesque ,he he

She has supa Gorgeous eyes! Lips and everything >‿<

And I want to do her make up, well I tried! It was so hard, yeah since my eyes is small and you know lah asian eyes.
┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘~~┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

I don't have a deep eyelid like her, but in this look I don't use an eye glue. I'm kinda proud because i just poked my eyes few times and there's slightly eyelid on my eyes, woohoooo ^-^

How I poked my eyes?? I swear you don't wanna know! ⊙▽⊙

So, this is my look, okay I'm not trying to copy her pleasee?? And it's not even close either twf -.- It just an inspiration, yeah If only you read what I write just now ≧△≦

wtf with this expression -.-"


no, no FAIL

okay, enough!

HAH! So what do you think?
I need a honest opinion, lol, I know my face a bit weird, lolll 8''D
Actually I like red lips, I feel sexy when wear red lips <-- wtf? XDDDDDDDDD

Thanks for reading by the way~ ^o^)v

And here's zoom to my sister and my eye make up on latest cosplay
event :D

actress eyelashes falsies (from japan)
geo nudy blue
etude proof 10 eyeliner

daiso's falsies (bought in singapore)
etude proof 10 eyeliner
mad gel liner blackout

*till next post!

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