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Friday, July 19, 2013

KATE Lipstick ND BE-1 Nude Beige Review

Kate is one of Kanebo-Japan affordable cosmetics lines since 1997. KATE has been proposing an ever-changing collection of trendy makeup items resonating with the brand motto, “No more rules”

The keywords for the KATE style are urban, sharp, and cool. Liberated from fixed rules about makeup, KATE invites its users to make themselves up in styles and colors of their very own!

Well, honestly I didn't want to buy this lipstick at that time. I bought this lipstick because Candy doll lipstick was out of stock at Sasa My. So, I looked around the store and found this! I wasn't really into the packaging because it looks so standard and urban, hahahahha.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Candy Doll Lip Stick in Ramune Pink Review

I always wanted a perfect nude lips like gyaru model in my favorite magazine "Popteen". And I saw many gyaru use this lipstick in Popteen magazine, they usually featured it on the product 'used' for some make up look. This lipstick is believed to be the right color for the Dollish gyaru look. (-^〇^-)

Now, finally I can write my review about this Candy Doll Lipstick produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka. A lot of people already requested me to do a review on this, lol sorry for my lateness. hehe (˘̩̩̩﹏˘̩ƪ)

Well, one of the reason why I bought this Lipstick is because it often appears in Popteen magazine (/‾▿‾)/. I really like Tsubasa's lip make up, it looks so cuteeeee *slapped. Before buying this lipstick, I had tried it once on the counter to test the texture and color. I immediately fell in love with the results on my lips! My sister complimented me too that day (///∇//)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Etude Color Me Nude - A short review about Nude Lip Concealer

Looking for an affordable lip concealer? Then you should try this Color Me Nude concealer from Etude House. It only has 1 color which I think will suit anyone, you may use this to conceal your blemishes and dark circle too. I usually use this concealer around my eyes if I use a bright eyeshadow color like blue or pink. Actually, I bought this concealer for cross-play as Kurapika, because a man usually has a pale lips so this concealer is a must have for me.

This is a stick type concealer and really easy to use, not hard to blend.

Swatch on hands 

When use on bare lips, no lip balm or any gloss. 

It makes my lip looks chapped without any lip balm or gloss.

Apply a Maybelline fruity jelly over the chapped lips and apply the concealer again then blend it. Looks better XD. You can apply your desire lipstick color after this or I usually apply SANA gloss concealer after that and top it with a lip gloss. Why I use SANA again? It just to make sure the concealer is stick well to my lips and stay for more longer, so all I need to bring is a lip gloss. LOL

Nude lips is ready! My lip shade is pretty small, so usually for a photo shoot I always apply it more bigger than my natural lips line to make my lips look fuller. @_@

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Affordable
✩ Easy to use
✩ Can be use to conceal anything

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Chapped my lips if I don't use a lip balm or lip gloss with it

Overall, I really love this concealer. The coverage is so-so and I don't recommend you use this on your face if you have an oily skin. Thanks for reading ladies~ Happy Holiday !!~

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SANA Super Quick Gloss Concealer

This is my favorite lip concealer so far, it's so easy to use and quick to spread. I got number 02, which is sort like a nude pink color. I'm not really suit a nude beige color so, i just pick a nude pink one. The color is almost like canmake nudy glow which I had review here.

The texture is a lil thick but not sticky, I could say this is liquid lip concealer, it makes my lips feel moist and not dry. I don't really need to use another lip color again for a nude look, but sometimes I apply a peach or soft pink lip gloss for a natural and sweet look.

This is the swatch on my lips, too bad I forgot to swatch it on hands. ≧△≦

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Not make my lips dry
✩ Easy to apply and spread
✩ Nice nude pink color
✩ Has a soft gloss effect

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Hard to find in my country (ノTДT)
✩ Got it around S$ 27.9 if I'm not wrong,  and I thought it was kinda pricey (ーー;) 

Purchase again? Yeah, If this concealer is run out.
And if you're wondering where I bought this concealer, I bought it in Sasa, Singapore. (≧∇≦)v
You can find many Japanese cosmetics there, like K-palette and others. Aww, I wanna go there again~~ =A=

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CANMAKE Nudy Glow Rouge 02 Strawberry Whip

Add a spark to the nude-look make-up trend!!! 
A liquid rouge in nude-look shades that will add color
 with just one application. 
Contains beauty essence, so your lips will maintain
 a long-lasting gloss without chapping.

* Contain Moisturizing agents: 
Sodium hyaluronate, atelocollagen, royal jelly extract, 
rosemary extract, oriental wormwood extract, 
loquat leaf extract 

Contains a volumizing complex that 
makes your lips look plumper.

☆What is the volumizing complex? 
This is an ingredient that maintains the moisture of your lips, 
preventing your lips from chapping or peeling due to dryness, 
and making them look plumper.

*** *** ***

I got this shade :: 
[2] strawberry whip
A lovable milky pink like a pink shell. 
For dainty-looking lips like those of an innocent young girl. 

if you want to see it on my lips you can see it here

ღ What I like ღ

☆ Plumper my lips
☆ The color is so beautiful and opaque.
☆ Creamy texture that melt into my lips.
☆ Contains beauty essence.
☆ Nude Color
☆ Doesn't make my lips dry

ღ What I hate ღ

☆ Lil hard to apply, need patience :)
☆ Hard to get in my country!

So, If you want to look innocent try this rouge out! ^-^

Rating : 9/10
Purchase it again? YES!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Review+Swatches!

I think anyone has already got them one of this lipstick, isn't it?
Yeah, my friends was ask me for the swatches.
I got Soft Nude and Baby Pink. Both color is look so pretty!!
I fell in love when swatches it at the first time!

This lipstick don't have any smell, but I smell drug scent or
something like that, I don't like it. I like a lipstick which has
a soft scent of sweet scent.
Coz it makes me want to apply it agaiin and again.

Okay, let's see the swatches.
And sorry for my silly application. LOL

Personally I don't really like the texture.
But, it turn out so pretty, the Baby Pink one has
a slightly shimmer, but the color is so pretty!
I love both! ^-^



Color : 5/5
Texture : 4/5
Ease of Use :  4/5
Pigmentation : 4/5
Packaging : 4.8/5

Purchase again? Probably, but I'll get the lipgloss one first.

Do you have the other color of this Lipstick??

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