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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favorite Gyaru Model x just for fun XD

Okay, I'm so boriiiinggg today! And I really want to change my hair color since long time but can't because I don't have money to go to Salon, bhhahah T____T. I'm saving money for dyeing my hair at the end of July. Yeaay, hope I can!

SO, I kept looking to my favorite gyaru model hair, again and again. Hahahha, I really want either milk tea brown or honey blonde color, lol you can see it on my post here.

And I want to share my favorite gyaru model, I think I never share it Enjoy all the pretty girls photos *Q* , while I'm eating crab right now XDDDDDD want it? ;p

Let's begin, PICTURE SPAMM.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Eyemazing 301 Sweet Ribbon Series by Mizukitty

Hello ladies (●´∀`●) /, I'm going to review a false lashes again and now this brand is named Eyemazing, Eyemazing is produced by a popular Japanese TV Star, Jun Komori. It took her half a year to come up with perfect eyelashes, which enable a natural, delicate look and ideal volume on the lash.

Tips Untuk Mencari Pasangan Yang Cocok