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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Platinum Beige x Hair talk

Hello there, ladies! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ How are you all doing? The weather here in Indonesia is absolutely dreadful—it's scorching hot, and the sun feels like it's trying to fry us all! ( ̄へ ̄) I can barely keep my eyes open; it's like staring directly into a furnace.

I've always been more of a night owl myself. There's just something magical about the tranquility of the night, isn't there? Plus, it's way less crowded and noisy when everyone else is asleep! Lol XD

Anyway, I dyed my hair again last week at 3 am because, well, why not? But let me tell you, the results were...interesting. My hair turned out this orangey hue, and my roots are growing out like crazy. It's not a good look, hahahha. I just can't stand it anymoreeee! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ This time, I decided to go with my trusty Liese platinum beige dye. I've always been a fan of beige or ashy tones because I can't stand anything with a hint of red in it.

This is going to be a long post =w=) so bear with me......

Seeing from the box, my hair is supposed to turn into a soft beige color~ Oh my, is that for real? Lol

It seems like my hair will turn out similar to the third color chart. I was hoping for a nice result too, at least to tone down the red/orange in my hair. o(´^`)o

No worries about the photo quality. I took this picture with my phone and applied a filter, so forgive me for that, lol. Silly me --"

Personally, I don't think I look ugly with orange hair, but I just don't really like it, hahahha. (T▽T)

Sorry, I didn't include the steps here. You can find all the details in THIS post. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take any before pictures because I was in quite a rush—it was already 3 am! I was worried my dad or mom might catch me in the act!

This time, I decided to leave it on for only 30 minutes because I didn't want the color to turn out too funky (>д<). And here are the results...

Of course, I'm well aware that I can't touch up the roots. I didn't have any expectations anyway.

In my opinion, the colour tends to change in different lighting, which is so weird (¬、¬), hahahah. But this picture was taken under room light, and it looks quite similar to the colour chart on the box.

So, did the color turn out like the box? Yeah, quite similar in my opinion, but maybe I need to dye it again using the same color to get the exact result. Since I had a honey beige color to begin with, I'm not sure how the result would be on virgin hair. (´Д`)

After so many bleaching and coloring sessions, my hair is still soft and manageable. Hohooho.

With my phone cam, no filter

This picture was taken in room light with flash. Oh no, it looks so red! ╥﹏╥ I guess I should avoid using flash indoors then. Actually, us Asians tend to have a red tint in our hair, so yeah...

Outside, it looks more brown-orange (◎_◎;)~#$%%!%&*! This only happens under the bright sun though, lol. I feel like I'm wearing a wig in this picture, wtf. This is my real hair, but people assume I'm wearing a wig because the color probably doesn't suit me well.

My fotd last sunday.

And here's a picture using a photo filter, lol. Looks calm, right? I used the Camera360 filter, my favorite Android application all the time! I think this calm color suits my personality, HAHA :p If you're wondering why my face looks smaller in the picture, that's because I edited it, hahhah. This hair color isn't bad too Σ(▼□▼メ)

✩ Reduces red tones in my hair
✩ Easy to use, really fast!
✩ Doesn't ruin my hair; it's still manageable and not dry
✩ The color turns out quite similar to the box

✩ Can't use for touch-ups on roots
✩ Looks red with flash; I think my previous hair color has a big effect -.-
✩ Uneven hair color
✩ Pricey~ I bought it online for about $19, damn

✩ My overall rating: 4/5

Okay, let's talk about hair color. I've received many suggestions from my readers and friends, lots of them suggesting me to lighten my hair.

I remember the lightest hair color I've ever had was back in Uni in 2005, lol. My mom was mad at me and didn't want to talk to me for 2 months! Hahaha, well, I guess I'll make her mad again ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ? 

I want Kumicky's hair color here~ It looks like Palty Milk tea brown color, but this one is warmer/darker~

 I find it close to Medium Beige Blonde hair color.

or Dark beige blonde mix with light blonde.

Or Mizuki's hair color here~ Hahahah look bit like kumicky's right? The light makes it look a little different.

Someone suggested this hair color to me, and oh my, it's brighter than my first time @__@ haha. This look a bit yellowish. I think I would look weird with this hair color. Tsu-chan is wearing a wig in this photoshoot though, but she looks really cute. She suits all hair colors.

I think the color below is better, though. Lol, it looks like Palty milk tea brown color/honey peanuts. *Correct me if I'm wrong.

Certainly! Here's a revised version with a better flow:

I think it'd be so much fun to change my hair color often, but goodness, it costs a pretty penny, hahaha. And let's not forget the need to take extra care of my hair after all that bleaching and dyeing. @__@ Lazy me, hahaha. Beauty can be quite the hit on the ol' wallet XD

If I were to head to the salon with my current hair, it would easily set me back more than $60, especially with my thick locks. -_-

So, I'm determined to save up for it! But before diving into more adventurous colors, I want to give Palty hair color a try. I'm torn between Milk Tea Brown or Macaroon Beige. I've decided against attempting to dye it myself; it's just too much hassle. I'll probably rope in my sister or seek out a professional to help. With my hair being so thick, I reckon I'll need at least 2 boxes. Buying it online is out of the question; it's just too pricey! (#゜皿゜) Plus, there's the inevitable need for another round of bleaching to ensure the best results.

Oh, and if you're thinking about changing your hair color too, I've got plenty of inspiration for you! Most of my ideas come from Popteen magazine; can't resist picking up a copy every month.

light ash brown and light blonde

dirty/light honey blonde and swedish blonde(?) 

 Dark brown and ginger blonde

Sandy/Ash blonde

Mizuki's hair here looks great too! It's a light brownish blonde with highlights. I'm seriously considering going for this hair color and highlights if I decide to get it done at the salon.

Hey there, are any of the colors above catching your eye? I bet those Popteen models must have their hair done at professional hair salons. In Japan, lots of girls opt for at-home hair dyeing, but there's also a huge crowd that loves the salon experience. Though, I must say, hair salons in Japan can be quite pricey, which is why there are so many at-home alternatives available for those looking to save a buck.

By the way, has anyone here tried Palty Milk Tea Brown or Macaroon Beige? I'm curious to hear about your experiences with these hair colors!
1. Vanilla Beige - 2. Milk Tea Brown
3. Macaroon Beige - 4. Caramel Latte
5. Maple Doughnuts - 5. Honey Peanut

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