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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Loreal Miss Candy Collection - Sweet Temptation

Loreal Paris brought us Miss Candy collection, which inspired from colorful life (///∇//). Miss Candy collection present sweet pastel colors along with the sweet candy scent in all their products. This collection comes in 3 range of products, Lipstick, Lipgloss and Nail Polish. I'm SO EXCITED to try this new collection because pastel colors is my favorite! Hahahahah  (/^▽^)/ 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Loreal UV Perfect MAT - sponsored by Magnifique

Sunblock is really important on my daily skin care, my skin already has many spots because of gen from my mom. That's why I can't skip Sunblock when going out. Magnifique Indonesia is kindly send me this Sunblock for review purpose together with a cute strip bag! :) , Thank you and sorry for the delay :*

Loreal UV Perfect is a 12H Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector , A longlasting optimal protection in a new light mattifying texture, for fair & mat skin.
* AGAINST OUTSIDE AGRESSIONS: Anti-UV protective shield with anti-pollution ingredients.
* AGAINST INSIDE DAMAGES: Anti-Free radical barrier

Usage : I use this Uv after my daily skin care all over my face.
This uv perfect is specially designed for OILY skin and not comedogenic and sweat proof.

I've use this uv perfect mat for a week, but I rarely go outside and hit the sun directly. But, the mattifiying effect is really good because my skin is get oily on the T-zone and usually after I use a sunblock my skin become a litte shiny because of the oil. But, this sunblock is make my skin look okay and not shiny after use. That makes me love it!!
And after use it for hours, this uv is control my sebum arround whis is pretty much *-* and usually makes my nose look a bit cakey, but this sunblock works pretty well for 4-5 hours. Although it claims for 12H longlasting effect I don't know because I only try it about 4-5 hours per day, you should try it by your self.

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ MAT effect
✩ Prevent for dark spots
✩ Anti-shine
✩ Ligth texture

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Not any

Where to get this product? Drug stores, hyper market or any cosmetics store should have it.
If you have an oily/combination skin and love a MAT effect then you should give this sunblock a try. Since Loreal is already a trusted brand and easy to find anywhere. Thanks for reading everyone, sorry If I haven't reply all your comments, I'll reply it tomorrow ^-^)v

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