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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Cute Kawaii Pastel Tops

Hi girls, how are you? I hope we are well and in God's protection. I know Covid-19 has hit us hard, and we all struggle with our own problems. I also experienced it and found it difficult. One of the things that could make me happy is some cute clothes. As women, we want to feel beautiful and happy, aren't we? In this post, I don't wear any makeup on my skin and eyes, I just draw my eyebrows to frame my face. I want to embrace my natural beauty, and I want you to do the same too. :)

Pastel cute tops

I want to feel comfortable with my own skin and at the same time, have fun with some new cute clothes! My bare face isn't for loungewear only, I can wear my cute clothes confidently too with my natural face.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

OLENS Russian Silver Review

OLENS is currently my favourite contact lens at the moment. I believe in their contact lens quality and the history of their company. Btw, this isn't a paid post or whatsoever, I really love OLENS, that's why I want to share it on my blog. :)

Russian Silver OLENS

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